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Gastric Balloon

At Streamline Surgical we offer a range of weight loss treatments to obese patients. A non-surgical option is a gastric balloon.

The gastric balloon is a soft silicone structure that is inserted into the stomach in a collapsed state. The 20 minute procedure only requires mild sedation. The gastric balloon is introduced endoscopically through the mouth before entering the stomach. Once in place, it is inflated with either air or saline until it occupies a significant portion of the stomach. The balloon stimulates the satiety receptors to produce a sense of fullness therefore reducing the desire to eat large portions of food.

The procedure is only temporary weight loss treatment, as the gastric balloon must be removed after 6 months due to the risk of erosion from stomach acid. The removal only takes 20 minutes again, under mild sedation. Often whilst the gastric balloon is in situ, people’s eating and physical activity patterns improve and the aim is for individuals to continue these behaviours after balloon removal. Behaviour modification programmes help to sustain these behaviours.

The gastric balloon is often used to help a patient lose weight prior to other more invasive weight loss treatments. This may be required due to their co-morbidities. The most common side effects are mild nausea and vomiting however they are well controlled with medication and a strict diet.

Streamline Surgical will happily discuss all the weight loss treatments options open to you and advise you about the best option for your personal needs.

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