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There are times when some bariatric procedures can stop working. This can be due to a number of reasons; maybe you feel your original surgery is no longer as effective as it used to be; or maybe you are not happy with the weight loss from your original surgery; sometimes the best option is to have revisional bariatric surgery.

Surgery of this type is generally more complex. The area where the original surgery was conducted can have thick Bariatric Rescuescar tissue (adhesions) surrounding it, and of course the anatomy may have been altered slightly, as with a gastric bypass. Therefore revisional surgery carries a higher risk of complications than the original weight loss surgery. For this reason, it is vital that if you are considering revision surgery you choose an experienced team to conduct the procedure.

Streamline Surgical only use surgeons who work in large NHS bariatric specialist hospital units. This means that all our surgeons perform a high number of both primary and revisional bariatric surgeries and possess the expertise you will need. They will not only be ideally placed to help you establish if revisional surgery is the right option for you, but will also have all the skills required should you both agree that surgery is the best way forward. They can help you decide which treatment option is the best for you.

What is the process?

The first thing we have to establish is whether revisional bariatric surgery is necessary for you. We will discuss what aftercare you have had to ensure you have been followed up appropriately. This will help us ascertain whether we can just simply enroll you in a bariatric aftercare package, which will give you the necessary information to optimise your weight loss. If you have been followed up appropriately we may need to conduct further tests on you so we can check your original procedure to see if it is functioning as we would expect. This will be done using the most appropriate means of investigation for example:

  • A barium swallow under x-ray
  • An Endoscopy where a camera is passed down through your stomach

We cannot promise that any investigation your consultant may request can be done on the same day as your consultation. Some investigations, such as an Endoscopy, will be done under sedation or general anaesthetic and we would not be able to schedule this that quickly. There may be occasions when the hospital simply does not have any availability on that day.

Where the results indicate that there may be an issue with the original surgery we can discuss your options with you so that you can decide whether or not you would like to pursue further surgery.

What types of revisional bariatric treatment are there?

Revision Bariatric Surgery

There are many types of bariatric revision surgery and your consultant would guide you through the most appropriate option for you. This may include their advice that revision surgery is not appropriate.

If you are considering Revisional Bariatric Surgery, why not come and see us by booking a no-obligation appointment with one of our consultants. Please call 0333 016 3030 or fill in our website enquiry form.

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