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Streamline Surgical Bariatric Heroes Semi-Finalists

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Thank you to everyone who nominated their bariatric hero, here are our top 10 heroes and why they have been nominated.

Please note that we are no longer accepting new nominations or votes for the Bariatric hero competition.


Nominated by: Lewis

Ella is Lewis’ hero because…

‘When Ella had her surgery her life completely changed in all aspects; she can run after her son, she can do normal tasks that she would not dreamed of ever doing before. After losing over 8 stone, in under 2 years, Ella found out she was expecting another baby! There was not a chance on earth that this would have happened without surgery.

I met her half way in to her weight loss journey and I’ve seen the fantastic difference it has made not just to her but also her older son.  Ella has the energy and strength and health to bring up this new 4-month-old son who’s totally changed her outlook on life she’s done so well, we are all very proud of her!’



Nominated by: Ella

Pat is Ella’s hero because…

‘I met Pat in the waiting room the morning we were both getting the go ahead for our weight loss procedures and we have been friends ever since! Pat has lost around 14 stone and looks fantastic. Pat is a real inspiration for me and many others who attend our support group, the South Coast support group.

Since having her weight loss surgery Pat has so much more energy to run after her two beautiful granddaughters and even participated in a few fundraising events for various charities. Just two weeks ago she managed to do a 10-mile walk, which I know would have been impossible before. Pat is always there for me when I need advice or a listening ear. I’m so proud of her and we have a lovely friendship, which would have never been unless we had met in the hospital waiting room that day.’


Nominated by: Jill

Clive is Jill’s hero because…

‘My lovely husband Clive had a lifelong battle with his weight. A very overweight child, adolescent and adult he had managed to lose weight several times but always regained it.
With severe diabetes and mobility problems we both feared that his life expectancy was very limited. Something made me look on the internet for a local organisation that offered bariatric surgery and we found Streamline. Clive immediately phoned and got an appointment with Guy Slater two days later. He was so impressed by what Guy had to say that he decided to go ahead with a gastric bypass.

He had his surgery in April 2014 and hasn’t looked back since! He has lost 70kg in total, is no longer diabetic, his mobility has improved dramatically. Since then he has been able to do things he never imagined he would be able to included river tubing, horse riding and hiking in Costa Rica. Most importantly he has achieved his ambition of being able to get on the floor and play with his grandchildren!’


Nominated by: Jayne

Francesca Hooper - Bariatric Hero

Francesca is Jayne’s hero because…

‘My Daughter Francesca has had problems with her weight for the past 15 years. She was a typical ‘yoyo’ dieter, losing 4 stone three times and then putting it all ‘back on’ within months. Francesca always said she was happy but wore black, baggy clothes and hated having her photo taken. She stood at the back of the crowd and declined invitations to go out as she had ‘nothing to wear’. Since having her gastric sleeve Francesca has lost 8 stone, reached her target weight and gained a whole new world!

She has joined the Gym and started running, the Great South Run beckons in October! She is motivated and empowered to now ‘get out there’ and live life to the full, forging new relationships and experiences. Most importantly she is able to enjoy a much more active life with her son, who doesn’t recognize pictures of his mum from her previous ‘life’

But most importantly Francesca has realised that she ‘matters’. Weight loss surgery has given her confidence, visibility and colour and I have my daughter back!’


Nominated by: Robert

Nikki is Robert’s hero because…

‘Before surgery Nikki was told she would never have children. Within 6 months of surgery Nikki fell pregnant with a daughter Maisie-Jane. Hoping for another child, after losing over 13 stone, Nikki went on to have another 3 miscarriages and we thought the dream was over……but Nikki wasn’t giving up and adoption was next on the list. Thanks to her improved health, maintained weight loss and more energy our son arrived.

In February 2015 our little boy was diagnosed with Leukaemia and we have spent 3 1/2yrs fighting a very harsh complex Chemotherapy Regime which is coming to an end this month! Nikki has been amazing supporting our children and fighting for support for them, whist holding down a job! There is no doubt that Bariatric Surgery not only saved my wife’s life it gave her the energy and confidence to take on the fight to get our son.

Twelve years on Nikki has maintained her weight loss and all these years later she’s still inspiring others and helping them on their journeys, she never turns away a cry for help. Nikki is a true Bariatric hero!’


Nominated by: Stephan

Keli is Stephan’s hero because….

‘We first met when she was consulting me for advice and my services as a Personal Trainer in 2010. During our discussion, Keli expressed how difficult she found it to lose weight and that she’d tried everything. She was desperate and thought a Personal Trainer would help her. After a year or so, Keli eventually lost only 2kg and by that time her calorie intake was very restrictive. I felt sorry for her, because here was someone who worked really hard, didn’t eat much and what she ate was very healthy, yet she just couldn’t shift the weight.

After riding an emotional roller coaster Keli managed to summon her courage and opted for a gastric band. Finally, Keli thought she would lose the weight and become the person she knew she had in her, hiding somewhere. Believe it or not Keli’s metabolism was so slow that even the band didn’t work! She lost 3kg and plateaued. I saw the pain and it was a very sad situation.

Luckily Shaw Somers wouldn’t give up on Keli and after numerous consultations they have decided to go for a gastric bypass. In 2016 the day came, Keli had the operation and something incredible happened. Not only did she start losing weight quickly, but the person it revealed was just amazing. Keli was radiating happiness and vitality. It was a privilege to have witnessed it and to have been part of the journey. Her determination, tenacity, strength and perseverance is something to admire. When Keli was dealing with her dilemma all these years, not once did she let it affect her professional life. Most people didn’t even know it was an issue for her.

Even now that she has an incredible body and just looks absolutely gorgeous, she doesn’t show it off or brag about it, she just wears it with class and style.’


Nominated by: Claire

Tracey is Claire’s hero because…

‘My sister has had it extremely tough over the last decade, at age 38 she had a heart attack and heart failure, her weight was a big contribution factor to this. Tracey underwent open heart surgery to have a mitral valve replacement, her recovery from this was long and she inevitably put on more weight and developed sleep apnoea and leg ulcers, the ulcers resulted in her being made practically immobile as it was too painful for her to walk, she became house bound and the weight gain continued. My sisters heart was increasingly struggling to cope and it became a life or death situation.

In 2014 she received her gastric bypass; her surgery was not without complications but the surgeons did everything they could to get her through it. Since the surgery Tracey has managed to lose 19st 2lb, her diabetes is now successfully controlled and her leg ulcers are non-existent. Her bypass journey was a difficult one but without it she wouldn’t be here, she still has health issues related to her heart and her epilepsy has also returned recently. She is now learning to live with this again.

My sister is now mentally strong and ready to do battle with anything life throws at her, she has 2 wonderful daughters, one of whom is getting married and she will now have her mum around to see it. Tracey has two wonderful grandchildren and another on the way. She can now do all the things that nannies are meant to do and enjoy watching them grow. But most importantly my sister has found love again, she has met a lovely man in Darren who takes her for who she is, in sickness and in health. She has a new lease of life and is enjoying doing things that many people just take for granted, she can now go on days out, enjoy evenings out and holidays away.’


Nominated by: Lisa

Helen is Lisa’s hero because…

‘My beautiful sister-in-law, Helen, has always been a fighter, she has faced many challenges in her life always head on, with grit, determination and a big sunny smile. Her private battle with over eating was making her inwardly upset, inwardly unhappy. Helen tried so many different things from shakes, to juicing to clubs to doing some crazy things. The sunny smile deflected her biggest hurdle in life. Helen got to a point where life was becoming impossible so, Helen bravely decided the best course of action for her was to undergo surgery.

Not only has her weight loss journey been inspiring but her journey to be a beaming, beautiful, bold lady has been breath-taking. Helen’s achieving dreams she only dreamt about previously; she is a sought-after childminder, she does charity work for a food waste programme and Helen has also set up a support group for local bypass patients. It’s called bypass to butterfly. Helen has appeared on BBC Jersey talking about and promoting her new healthier lifestyle and she thanks it all to her amazing surgeon & team.

Helen is an active member of her church, she is a gorgeous Aunty, a dear sister, a loving wife and my lovely friend. To say Helens life has changed is an understatement, to say Helen’s life has blossomed, bloomed and opened into something beautiful is far more acute. Helen always supported charities all her life, prior to surgery would sponsor friends doing races/walls. NOW Helen is the one getting sponsored she does relays for life, the race for life, and more – THIS GIRL CAN! Of course, Helen is still Helen, she’s just a genuinely much happier, content and inspiring version. I’m so incredibly proud of her and her commitment to her journey.’


Nominated by: Chantelle

Michelle is Chantelle’s hero because…

‘Since her gastric bypass nearly 8yrs ago Michelle is leading a second life. In 2010 she had a gastric bypass was back to work within three weeks and then a whole new life begun she lost 12st in the first year, her whole life changed. She has lived her life to the max, now able to fulfil dreams she never thought she would be able to. Simple things like not needing a seatbelt extender whilst going on an aeroplane and fitting comfortably in cinema/theatre seats. One dream of hers was to ride a horse along a beach which she did last year in Greece with her 2 nieces and friends children. We visited Disney World Florida in 2016 and we had visited many theme parks before but she would never go on anything, as she said she wouldn’t fit in any rides. However, this all changed in Disney World when she, along with her nieces, went on lots of rides. She loved every minute….I think! Whilst there she faced her fear of heights, taking her two nieces on a helicopter ride. Michelle was pleased as you had to be weighed before and had to be under 17st, which was.

Since losing all the weight she is living her dreams, travelling to Niagara Falls, Iceland to see the northern lights and been back to New York, where she walked EVERYWHERE as like she says “she can”. She has completed several “race for life” runs/walks (for cancer research) and other charity runs/walks and will do this with all the kids to encourage them all.
She left her job as a residential support worker after 2 years as she wanted a more physical job so she got a job at a Day centre for adults with learning difficulties and has now become a senior there. The job keeps Michelle very active, she often says “I’d never have been able to do this when I was bigger” and she knows this is very true.

Weight loss surgery has given Michelle a second chance at life and she really is making the most of it all.’


Nominated by: Juliet

June is Juliet’s hero because…

‘June is a true inspiration to me. My gorgeous friend June had her gastric bypass surgery in 2010 and has had to work so, so, hard to get where she is today. It’s been tough for her but she has always supported other weight loss surgery patients like me as much as she possibly can. Just recently when I have been really down and unmotivated with my weight loss June has offered to take me to slimming classes, take me on walks, runs and when I’m ready clubbercise classes as well.

June is always there to talk to me if I’m struggling with anything at all whether it be about a relationship break up or struggling with my weight loss journey. June is a true weight loss inspiration Angel and I am so very grateful to call her my friend and well, my mentor now really.

June you rock and when “I grow up” I want to be just like you.’


We are offering the chance to win a fun photo shoot in the Tower Suite at the Landmark Hotel. On the day, the winner, three runners-up and those who nominated them will be received by a makeup artist and hairstylist, to make them look and feel fabulous, before being treated to a lavish brunch. A professional photographer and videographer will be on site to create a memorable occasion. All who attend will be provided with their own digital copies of the photographs. We will also cover your travel expenses to and from the venue*.

The winner will receive a £500 John Lewis voucher and their nominator will receive a £200 Amazon voucher.

The venue is The Landmark London, 222 Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6JQ. The event will take place on Saturday the 15th of September 2018.

*Terms and conditions apply.

**Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for every individual.

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