Gastric band effective?

Losing weight isn’t easy. Ineffective weight loss solutions can be disappointing and discouraging. It might be time to look at weight loss surgery. But with so many procedures and providers out there where do you start? Why not carry out a bit of research on the types of procedures available, the benefits, risks, cost and […]

Bariatric Festive food tips

The Festive Season is now in full swing, and can be a time when we are all fearful of overindulging. So, we asked our Bariatric Dietitians, Nicole Berberian (Lead Dietitian) and Heidi te Braake, for some tips and advice on how to enjoy the festivities, yet maintain healthy eating habits and portion control: Chocolate is […]

Are you looking for long-term weight loss success?

If you have had difficulty in maintaining or losing weight, bariatric surgery could be the answer. We will be hosting an information evening on December 5th, with our expert Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Ben Knight at the BMI Hampshire Clinic. The free evening starts at 7pm and is a great evening for anyone who is considering […]

Looking forward to 2018

On Monday, it will be exactly five weeks until Christmas Day, and a mere six weeks until 2018. Where has the time gone? So, before the festive season takes over completely, give yourself a few moments to think about what a brand new year means to you. Most of us think of a new year […]

Comfort food good or bad?

A poll of 2,000 adults found that almost eight in ten will turn to their favourite meals when they need a little pick me up. The same study found that on average adults will turn to comfort food twice a week, with stress being the most common reason. Feeling down came second while cold or […]

The Gastric balloon in a pill – The Elipse

Streamline Surgical is pleased to offer the ElipseTM balloon, a procedureless*, swallowable gastric balloon. From Monday 6th November, we will be working with Allurion to offer patients the latest weight loss aid, the ElipseTM balloon. Do you have a history of unsuccessful dieting? The ElipseTM balloon might be right for you. The aim of the […]

Gastric Sleeve

This week we are taking a closer look at one of the main three weight loss surgery procedures, the gastric sleeve. What is a gastric sleeve? The gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy, is a procedure, which reduces the volume of the stomach. Keyhole surgery is used to remove 90% of the stomach, changing it from […]

Stay on track

Weight loss surgery is a life-time commitment that can lead to a brighter, healthier future. Good nutrition is vital for future health as is portion control. Some patients worry about straying from their new healthier path. Your first port of call for nutritional advice should be your bariatric dietitian. A good idea to keep you […]

Handling compliments after weight loss surgery

Many people find accepting compliments difficult. As well as weight loss and improved general health after weight loss surgery, you might find that there is a sudden increase in people giving you compliments; they may come thick and fast.   After years of yo- yo dieting and trying to lose weight, you might find it […]

Edward – Gastric Band surgery patient*

Edward is a Streamline Surgical gastric band patient who after years of failed diets and in order to minimise future health risks sort extra help. “I had spent many years of dieting. I managed to lose weight but then I would put more back on. At the time, I was not suffering any health issues […]

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