Gastric Sleeve

This week we are taking a closer look at one of the main three weight loss surgery procedures, the gastric sleeve. What is a gastric sleeve? The gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy, is a procedure, which reduces the volume of the stomach. Keyhole surgery is used to remove 90% of the stomach, changing it from […]

Stay on track

Weight loss surgery is a life-time commitment that can lead to a brighter, healthier future. Good nutrition is vital for future health as is portion control. Some patients worry about straying from their new healthier path. Your first port of call for nutritional advice should be your bariatric dietitian. A good idea to keep you […]

Handling compliments after weight loss surgery

Many people find accepting compliments difficult. As well as weight loss and improved general health after weight loss surgery, you might find that there is a sudden increase in people giving you compliments; they may come thick and fast.   After years of yo- yo dieting and trying to lose weight, you might find it […]

Edward – Gastric Band surgery patient*

Edward is a Streamline Surgical gastric band patient who after years of failed diets and in order to minimise future health risks sort extra help. “I had spent many years of dieting. I managed to lose weight but then I would put more back on. At the time, I was not suffering any health issues […]

Gastric Band proven to work

Last month saw the 22nd World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, which was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, in London. The IFSO conference provides a forum to exchange knowledge on surgical treatments of severely obese patients; to present new techniques, research and concepts, and it […]

Adapting to life after bariatric surgery

Life after weight loss surgery is exciting and full of promise for a future filled with improved health, fitness and opportunities. However, sometimes it can be a bit challenging: but in a good way! After a relatively short period of time, the physical changes will start to show and people will begin to notice how […]

Bariatric Revisional Surgery

Do you think your bariatric surgery has stopped working? Do you feel your original surgery is no longer effective as it once was? Or are you not happy with the weight loss from your primary surgery? If you agree with any of the above statements it is important that you seek advice from your bariatric […]

What to know about the Gastric Band

Are you considering a gastric band? Today’s story looks at some of the important facts about this popular weight loss procedure. What is a gastric band? The gastric band, also known as Lap-band, is an adjustable band that is placed just below the oesophagus, at the top of the stomach. This creates a small pouch […]

Supporting a loved one through weight loss surgery

Has a loved one made the important, life-changing decision to have weight loss surgery? It is important that you are there to support and encourage them throughout their weight loss journey. Understandable you will have lots of questions and may even find yourself asking ‘how can I provide the right support?’ In todays post we […]

Weight gain after bariatric surgery

So, you’ve had weight loss surgery and are really pleased with the results you have worked hard for. Then you see a gain on the scales, or notice that your clothes are a bit snug – what do you do? Firstly, don’t panic! You now have the tool to help you overcome any bumps in […]