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  • in reply to: Focus… #47696

    And Doodah I agree I’m not sure I will totally be able to change the way I feel about food ! And there have been some scary moments recently so my other focus is to concentrate on all my good work and keep up the good eating!!!!! Xxxx

    in reply to: Focus… #47695

    Dizzy that’s brill… Today I’m taking some inspiration from you. I’m on a stall . Dietician did say in December I may have reached the point where I don’t loose any more but I would love to loose just another 7 lbs. it’s Wierd I’m officially 1 stone and 8 lbs over weight but actually I don’t mind. I’ve bought size 14 jeans and skirts this week it’s feels like a miracle!!!! However I do know an extra 7 lbs would just make them sit nicely!!! The weirdest thing is people keep telling me not to loose any more???? Can’t really get my head round that… Officially I’m overweight but I do like the ‘curvy look’ on me so can see why I don’t need to loose more but I still feel fat but then I look down and see thin legs?????????? All very confusing! So this weeks focus is to continue good eating , enjoy the gym and really think about where I am in this journey and try and get my head around the new me!!! Xxx

    in reply to: Focus… #47694

    Thanks Doodah! To be honest I actually hated almost every minute of it but short of a miracle I will never get my arms done and I just think I need to brave them out…. Only in certain situations though! I have an ever expanding wardrobe full of shrugs! I hate choosing every outfit by shrug but hey hoooo! I plan to get my arms out in my garden with friends and at the gym! I have to brave swimming soon but that’s arms and saggy thighs! Working up to that one!!!!! Xxxx

    in reply to: Focus… #47693

    To add this I’ve just upped my gym visits to 2 a week! Doing the GP referral scheme. Life is hectic so had planned once a week but love it so much they’re letting me come twice a week…. Had to bear the bingo wings tonight which to be honest actually made feel somewhat sick and frightened but I focused on the exercise and apart from the odd flap of wind s ( seriously they’re like dans when they get going;/)!!!!) I actually managed to forget about them or people looking at them for a whole 40 minutes! God I want my arms done;-) xxxxxx

    in reply to: Focus… #47692

    Hi all. Well I’m back to this … Wedding stuff went a bit crazy then Xmas then well list a little focus really! So back to focussing ! Just cooked a chicken casserole for my work lunches. Planning my good diary after a very had weekend.. ( focus definately slipped ) and ballet/tap/gym planned this week! Interestingly I was talking about a new diet with my mother in law thus afternoon and my sister in law just said’ why would you do that you don’t need to diet ‘ literally no one had ever said that to me ever!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly the 8 stone loss is showing;-) xxxxxxx

    in reply to: Band to Bypass revision in 9 days #37768

    Heya I’m a band to bypass revision. Lost 7 stone with band had problems put some weight on , had it out ( guy slater) said I’d do it in my own! Oh, those famous last words!!! Put on test of 7 stone! Agreed with guy I needed revision to bypass…. Had brilliant support to get funding. Op 1 year ago on 23rd feb! Never looked back. I’ve lost 8 stone have no probs love my bypass!!!!!!! Was told would loose 6-7 stone and fave exceeded this so very happy Any questions please feel free to pm me. Xxxx

    in reply to: Travel Insurance #49092

    Heya I have worked for various insurance companies…. Whatever you do declare your surgery… I don’t want to scare monger but insurance companies are squirmy little g**s… If they don’t have to they won’t pay. Surgery is counted as a pre existing condition. I once had z case where the man had critical illness cover … He got a critical illness … Cardiomyopathy… They refused to pay as he failed to declare he had a knee op aged 12… So very wrong but so very true …. Please please please declare any conditions …. They may even cover it for a few extra pounds … If they exclude it so be it but if you just don’t declare it they’ll use it against you in the event of a claim xxxx

    in reply to: Migraines, Pain Killers and Post Op ??s #48568

    Migraine sufferer here too and I totally worried about this. However it’s worked out well and I think I gave less migraines post op! Although its hard to tell as I seem to go though stages over the years . I too use sumatriptan ( imigram is brand name) I gave tablets and injections. I have to say post op I find injections work better for me , tablets seem to take forever to kick in . I actually do take ibuprofen on occasion which my surgeon ok’d on a very occasional basis as long as I continue to take lansoprazole to protect my tummy. I’m very cautious with this and only take when absolutely necessary I.e. stuck at work with migraine – cant have injection at work as need to sleep for hours after so use ibuprofen to get me to home time!!!! I would never recommend doing this without discussing with team as I know we’re not really meant to take NSAID !!!!
    Hope your migraines improve with weight loss like mine have. Please feel free to PM me with any questions xxx

    in reply to: 6 months post op. 9 stone down. #47712

    What an amazing and inspirational post. You seem so determined and have achieved so much. You should be very proud xxxxxx

    in reply to: Overwhelmed #47395

    Hope you’re feeling better soon xxxx

    in reply to: Forum get together #47143

    In in I can get the train!! X

    in reply to: Focus… #47691

    Well i haven’t written for a few days – weekend was somewhat challenging with a migraine friday/saturday and i always get really hungry when I have a migraine ! Kinda had to give in a little bit as I think my body is saying I need some more food ! But I did try to limit it and it was low fat crisps etc not 2 tubes of pringles!!! Saturday afternoon I felt a lot better and went off to a murder mystery dinner party and I really dropped the ball. I realised I got complacent. I’ve drunk alcohol before, i’ve eaten peanuts before and a little bit of sweet stuff but after a very silly combination where i missed the main course cos i felt too full and decided to eat creme brulee !! (whatever possessed me !!) I dumped big time ! I’m not a dumper but I had to go sneak off to my mates spare bedroom and lie down for an hour ! Lesson learnt !
    Sunday was boring and long and I learnt someone I knew died so honestly it was not my best head/food day but I decided that as of Monday 8am I’d start again and I have – I will not let myself go down that slippery failiure slope !
    So my new focus is to not get complacent ! And not to be silly at my wedding; imagine dumping at your own wedding !! It wouldn’t be a good look ! Glad I learnt that lesson!!

    I’ve felt really hungry over the last few days and so am concentrating on good food/liquids etc but my little head is doing a little panic – restriction gone?? no more weight loss !! So i’ve come on here and had a good read and as always it’s so reasurring to know my concerns are similar to so many other !!
    Right off to eat some cherry tomatoes !

    Tamo xxx

    in reply to: Focus… #47690

    Thanks doodah. Tbh I really needed to read others problems with bands to encourage me to take action about my probs. I just don’t want to scare peeps!!

    Today’s focus has been talking to myself about how far I’ve come. A friend gave me a pressie of a group picture of our friends taken a few weeks ago… And I HATE the pic of me…. I actually felt a bit despondent when I saw it. But I can’t let my brain go funny cos of one photo. I am focussing on reminding myself that there are also some great pics of me! How I see myself in pictures is probably not how people see me:-) I have come a long way and I won’t do what I would have done before and give in and eat the £1 chocolate ( probably at least a fivers worth;-)!!! Instead I will drink my milk and know that I will be closer to my goal by tomorrow!!! Xxxxx

    in reply to: Paul’s weight loss journey #38981

    Paul you look amazing a different man!

    Doodah really wishing a big good luck for your surgery!

    Yep it’s cold being thinner!!! Brrrrrr xxxxx

    in reply to: Focus… #47689

    I am also cautious of making too much if my band probs but I guess people do need to know the good the bad and the ugly I know band patients who gave no probs and done excellently I was just one who had probs… Both physical and pyschological. Let us know how it goes xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 125 total)

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