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  • in reply to: New series of Fat Surgeons #50233

    Fat Surgeons saved my life: Dramatic new TV show helps wheelchair bound mother of six lose 11 stone… and now she plans to run a marathon | Mail Online my daily mail article from today for the new series, quite enjoyed doing this interview and the photographs for it, not the before pics just the after ones 🙂

    Cant wait to see the new series, it was so good being a part of it all, will be interesting to see how its edited

    in reply to: East of England, funding approved #49418

    congratulations 😀

    @logansmith 28018 wrote:

    I have just been granted funding from PCT for Bariatric Surgery. Does anyone know of waiting time for Luton & Dunstable Hospital. Also I believe East of England also offer an alternative hospital in London does anyone know which one that is and what their weighting times are like.
    Many thanks

    in reply to: Psychological aspects of wls. #49434

    I dont agree with her not having faced up to a lot of her issues before she had the operation, for me personally my husband and I spent 2010 and 2011 getting our family life into a nice foundation state so that I could tackle my health issues head on during 2012, it was a conscious decision to knock out of the way any potential obstacles which would arise thus resulting in an epic fail for me, we cleared debts, sorted out our living arrangements so that everyone in the house had what they needed to feel secure and stable, the kids education and health, assisting our two oldest sons getting accepted then started into university, healthy eating for us all, introducing a cleaner more efficient way of life routines, then once everyone in our house was all ticking along smoothly the kids were happy and content I could set about changing the aspects of my own self I did not like one bit, the overweight issues so weight loss initially then dealing with the lack of exercise and other health issues one by one over the course of 2012 until I had my gastric bypass surgery the last day of the year.

    There should definitely be psychological assessments before and after this life changing experience, its profound how much your life does change in such a very short space of time, last week I had to take two days out and just breathe as its all happening for me so fast. I’m not just talking about the WLS itself I mean the whole weight loss experience, its life changing no matter what way you look at it, there are masses of things you can do as a thinner person I never could have imagined doing before when I was over 330 pounds in size like yesterday I was sitting on a swing at the park with my little boy teaching him how to push himself with his legs by showing him me doing it myself, amazing experience and like I said I could not have done this before as I couldnt fit on to the swing or push myself I was simply too large a person.

    There are the little daily things too, never mind about aeroplanes and the like, daily things come up like getting in and out of bed oh boy how I remember hauling myself up each time I needed to use the loo, it was a massive effort which left me breathless a lot of the time or like my chest was crushing with the weight of pulling and pushing to fight with the bed to get off of it on to my feet, once upright struggling to make it to the bathroom breathing so heavily it was scary. Now I spring out of bed each day ready to face the new challenges the day offers me, I have drive and energy something which was alien to me before when I was large.

    Eating, now that I have lost a massive amount of weight I will never ever look at food items as rewards ever again, I eat only what makes me feel comfortable which these days are light things but in the past that would have been a whole pizza or large plate of stodgy crap I now know I do not need nor do I want. My whole attitude towards food has been re-learnt, that in itself for anyone is massive, retraining the pathways and attitude towards food that we learnt as children, that one issue requires a tremendous amount of support to see it through, so many people fall at this hurdle because it is such a big thing to actually want to change in the first place which does require you to change the way you eat and look at your relationship with food.

    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47593

    Thank you so so much, I do try Doodah Sue 😀

    I have passed the 200 pounds mark and the 90kg mile stone falling into the 80s at 89.7kg on my last weigh in Friday a few days ago YAY!

    This means I am currently stablised at loosing 1.67kg a week roughly 3 pounds. Hopefully this will continue or not drop much below 2.5 pounds or hit a plateau until I am swiftly approaching the 80kg mark. At the current rate of weight loss, new eating plans which are working nicely, I am aiming for being a size 10 dress size by the end of July 2013 ready for my birthday at the start of August. I’ve just bought my first ever pair of size 14 trousers and cardigan yesterday on film for the program and they actually fit! Funny thing was that one of my daughters took the cardi into the dressing room for herself but it was slightly too big so I tried it and it fitted not just that but looked really nice, its not something I would have chosen but I bought it all the same as its just lovely on. Looking for a smaller size top to go underneath now as all mine are too large.

    I’ve also decided to start training for the London Marathon 2015, this gives me about two years to get this body into shape and in time. Sign ups are next year so I have plenty of time to see if this is going to work for me or not. I have lined up two trainers who have experience with working with people with sight impairments for want of a better phrase.

    We did our last day filming yesterday, took the kids to the park which was just amazing without the wheelchair, the kids were filmed before Christmas swinging on the swings without me as my chair couldnt get in there so now being able to be part of the action and have it all caught on film was amazing. So so so much fun I can not wait to see the final edit now.

    Gym sessions are going very well, I am up to a full hour long workout now which includes cardio and strength training. I have not been swimming for four weeks because the water was so cold it hurt my stomach quite a bit with all the clenching so I decided to give that a miss for a bit until I can sort out my electric quilt situation at home, it is broken so I need another heat source, all this struggling to keep warm people were actually not exaggerating about, it is very difficult to regulate the body temperature if you expose it to extremes, yesterday being outside most of the day filming I only started to warm up this morning and recover from. So swimming is off my list at present in favour of that treadmill at the gym instead.

    Eating wise, I have introduced salads again as of four days ago, they are going down exceptionally well as long as I chew the life out of the crunchy parts like onion and green peppers, have been pleasantly surprised at what salad I can manage so its been a bit of adventure trying different types, the only thing that I’m finding a bit difficult is cucumber so leaving that out for the time being.

    I’m now 79 days post op, feeling really good about most things, its been a fantastically rewarding experience loosing all this weight and slipping into a good healthier state than ever before, never in my wildest imagination did I think this would be all happening like this so quickly, I thought before surgery that I’d take this year out and maybe by this time next year I’d be at this point, I never ever imagined it would be now that I’m feeling so amazingly healthy, able to walk about some and really start to live life. I have all kinds of huge things planned now like going back to university Sept 2014, the marathon, maybe a couple of walk for life events with the scouts and explorers this year as I’m now an official leader at one of the local scouting units too. Everything is mega exciting and I love it 😀

    @Doodah 27799 wrote:

    I have absolutely 100% confidence that, if you wish to do it, you will make it happen. You are a trier, a doer, a go-getter, a let’s-make-this-happen person. If you said you would like to travel to the moon, I would book my ticket to Cape Canaveral and buy some binoculars.

    Some people are sent more trials in life than are thought bearable. Some falter, feel sorry for themselves and spend their whole lives missing out. Then there is YOU. You have pulled yourself up by the collar, dusted yourself down and made the decision to re-join life. I’ve done something similar but nowhere near in your league. It’s hard, hard work and you are winning. I admire you so much.

    Doodah x

    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47592

    YES! this is absolutely the type of thing I’ve been looking for, thank you so much Doodah Sue, I often feel like I am so out of the loop as I dont know about the sort of things that involve walking as its been so long for me. There are endless possibilities with this one, will wait until May then do a “Walk for Life” will start planning it but do the actual walk after my next appointment at QA which is early in May.

    So this morning I have finally moved off the 93s into the 92kg slot, this pleases me completely because a) its been difficult finding the right balance of food and keeping it down, b) you dont loose weight without keeping food in, c) the pain involved in vomiting everything back up has caused me a great deal of anxiety therefore that last kilo felt like it took forever to come off, d) been back on full exercise program now for two weeks today have to keep in mind muscle mass weighs more than fat so initially when you start exercising with a full session twice or three times a week the weight loss appears to slows down.

    As I’m primarily Anglo Indian, living on cream crackers, low fat cheese spread, weight watchers yoghurts and other bland things has kind of upset me. Usually if I do not eat something with chillies or other spices I do not feel like I have eaten at all, this has not changed since my bypass so finding a balance has been extremely challenging. In Iceland Frozen Foods I found pouch meals which have over 35 – 40g of protein in each one and about half that of carbs. They have flavours from around the world so nicely spicy and tasty as well. Perfect for a quick meal, I managed to finish one pouch once but have gone about 3/4 since then on the other two I’ve tried.

    So completely reworked my diet again means that I’ve kept all food items down for five days, my new tummy pouch has had a chance to settle down again and does not hurt any more, the anxiety has gone away because I know I can eat now without the stress of being sick, the weight is coming off again – thankfully!

    Relaxing a bit more then, I have realised I might be homesick. I say homesick because I lived in the north east of England for 15 years, only having been back in the south east for 18 months. If only they had the health care I needed up there I would have still been living there, so I’m very blessed to be living here instead as its given me the chance to sort my health issues out, a lot of which has been reversed thanks to steady weight loss for 13 months, I’m on day 51 post bypass op today, but yes, I actually think I might need to go spend some time on familiar home feeling surroundings to take stock of myself again. Everything is huge for me at the moment, the perspective change from viewing the world from an upright position when I couldnt physically see much of it in the first place has been very interesting and completely overwhelming at times. Its all in a good way, I’m loving the new challenges I’m faced with several times a day now but it would be nice to down tools for a few days and just sit at the very secluded beach I can now walk down on to at Tynemouth and just soak up the geordie fresh crisp air, maybe visit my son too who is at uni there as well.

    Do I have the courage to take a coach and travel over 325 miles? am thinking on that one and will let you know 😀

    @Doodah 27516 wrote:

    You know what? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we didn’t see you asking for donations to ‘Walk for Life’ because you are doing it!! And I will happily donate 🙂

    Doodah x

    in reply to: Weight loss has stopped! #49023

    Everyone please always remember too that muscles weigh more than fat does so when you start exercising seriously or going to the gym for example, there will be points where it appears like nothing is happening but that is where the measuring tape comes in. Take monthly waist hip and upper thigh measurements, upper arms too if you like, then when you feel like nothing is happening check the measurements to see if there is a change, there usually is and your clothes feel different. Its not all about what reading the scales dictates 🙂

    in reply to: Couple of hours before surgery !! #49084

    Brilliant news Mands, by now you’ll be resting having had your op, Shaw Somers is amazingly skilled so I know already you are in THE BEST possible hands today. Take good care of yourself and rest loads, the hard work is to come but definitely a well deserved space on the loosers bench is waiting for you 😀

    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47591

    Definitely Doodah Sue, we are kindred spirits for certain and so blessed to know each other now finally, its like I’ve known you years and years already 😀

    Well I’ve passed the 95kg milestone and officially was told today that I have lost more weight now than I want to weigh at the end of the weight loss journey. That is phenomenal and such a WOW oh my life moment when the weight loss management services lady said it, I was and am just stunned by the news.

    I had all my really long right down my back hair cut off yesterday impulsively to celebrate reaching the 95kg mark. I did not decide to have it cut so short until I was sitting in the chair with the hairdresser discussing my new lifestyle of gym training, swimming, kids education, walking. Once decided and she made the first cut taking off half the back, it was like having all the pain, suffering, all the inner torment, frustration at being stuck like that, emotional turmoil, the negativity, the rigid daily routine of waking not being able to move, wanting to die often to just get out of the hole I was in, smoking myself to death, not taking care of myself, all the heartache, distress at such poor health, well it was all like it all just was lifted away carried off on a wave of sparkles when my hair was being taken off. This symbolic step has made me feel even more full of vitality than I did last week.

    Back at gym training this week, I want to walk, I want to walk, I want to walk, so will be pouring my heart and soul into getting my body fit and mega healthy as it shrinks down a bit more so I can be stronger and more in control of my body than it was of me before. I know I will be a wheelchair user for at least another twelve months but the bits I can manage on foot I shall be doing and doing very well too.

    @Doodah 27454 wrote:

    Well this is a first….I’m having a little cry over your post. What you have written could have been written by me. That’s exactly how I was existing. I saw no future. I didn’t ever plan anything, didn’t dare to hope for anything and certainly NEVER expected anything good for myself.

    We are kindred spirits you and I. Our journey hasn’t been about size this or that or how many kilos, it has been about survival. We have made it by the skin of our teeth via sheer grit and determination. What a couple of tough old gals we are!!!

    Doodah xxxx

    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47590

    Thank you Doodah Sue, I hadnt even thought to try on my hats, will do that after posting this 🙂

    In my official weigh in today I have lost 7.8kg which is just over 17 pounds since 31st December 2012 so feeling very chuffed with this indeed as I didnt really feel anything was happening. I now weigh 95.6kg 210.76 pounds 15 stone.

    When I started this journey a year ago January 2012 I was in such a bad way unable to make it to the toilet in time constantly wetting myself, sleeping in the lounge as it was impossible to get upstairs, heavily dosed up on pain killers most of the time, constantly coming down with bugs fevers and other horrors, I was just existing for the sake of existing, sure I did loads of designing and other stuff that one could do sitting down or leaning backwards plus all the daily household stuff, home schooling etc but I was dying inside my soul clinging on for all its worth trying to make sense of every day. A year of forcing myself to loose weight and move about even if at first that meant moving my arms above my head only because I was too confined to manage anything else. I was utterly determined to achieve something last year, it was a case of live or not live for me, I was crumbling at every turn with two steps forwards and twenty back again.

    So with complete determination and good listening doctors, medical team, I went for it completely pushing everything else aside, I was like a robot with weight loss, weighing measuring all food, journaling like a crazy person, even documenting how much water I was drinking and what time! Its all paid off though as having lost so much weight prior to my bypass on 31st December the recovery process is nothing like as harrowing as it would have been had I not done all of that preparation first. All year all I wanted more than anything else was to be thinner and healthier, now that dream is coming forwards as a reality so I do feel immensely proud and so so so so excited about the future all the things I will be able to do with my children and myself.


    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47589

    Thanks Doodah Sue and Claire 🙂

    Well I went for my first official weigh in of 2013 on Tuesday a week ago, I have lost 10.5kg in four weeks and 11cm off my waist too since last seeing the Tipping The Balance ladies at the end of December half way through that pre op milk diet. This pleased me completely.

    I’ve sold my size 24 powershaper swimsuit that I bought to start swimming club at the end of Sept last year just 14 weeks ago and been to M&S to try on the tummy control ones, I actually take a 16 swimsuit now so came home and ordered a powershaper in size 16 for a fraction of the price online, in the shop it was £39.50 online £5.99 with free postage! so yes, saving the saved money I would have been spending on food and other things in a jar to buy fancy clothing to go on holiday with later in the year with my children.

    Also I noticed my shoes were all starting to fall off, it was difficult to keep them on even in the wheelchair so I went and tried on shoes, I took a size 9EEE / 43 wide pre op, now I’m a 7E post op, nearly screamed the place down I really did, yes it was so hilarious, me trying on shoes having to go down to an 8.5 then an 8, then a 7.5 but surely not an actual 7, it was an amazing feeling that and the size 16 swimsuit both of these sizes was what I was pre childbirth 24 years ago !!!

    To me weight loss has felt like its gone incredibly slowly, however, I know this not to be true its just my head taking ages to catch up. I nearly bought a size 24 top the other day from the facebook group where people sell off their larger sized clothing locally to where I live, it was beautiful but I had to remind myself that I do not take that size any more it felt strange. I know its true because I spent the day last week trying on stuff properly so would know my size for sure, the head is definitely taking an age to hold on to the facts.

    I started to be sick often mid way through eating a few days ago, today it kicked in again just when I thought it had stopped. My doctor thinks its acid build up and will prescribe me something if I need it tomorrow. Will have to see, tonight I have kept down some tomato soup and a little while ago I ate two crackers with low fat philli on them, delicious 🙂

    in reply to: Volunteering to be an ‘Expert Patient’ at your GP surgery #34713

    we do have open mornings at ours where previous WLS patients go and talk to people who are interested in learning more about it all, I went to one before applying for funding and seeing the nurses to discuss what to do. It was a great opener I learnt lots from people who’d already been there and taken the plunge. Its a great initiative 🙂

    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47588

    yep this ride does feel so good at the moment, moving on to a bit more texture with my food now yesterday I ate the Christmas dinner that I’d prepared and cooked my family just about three weeks ago, it all seems like ages away now. I loosened the consistency of the rice and vegetable curry with zero fat natural greek yoghurt once it was all warmed up and mashed each mouthful down a bit with the spoon before putting any into my mouth, gosh it all tasted so good almost like health in a bowl. Today I had the tiniest bit of a spicy omelette I cooked for my husband and daughter with a small spoon or spinach rice flavoured with vegetable stock and some fresh red lentils spinach and mushroom dal I also cooked today. I realised its been a month since I’ve eaten anything like this but it feels like absolutely ages like I’ve always been this way, its most odd. I have to keep reminding myself it was only 15 days ago I had a major operation 🙂

    Makeup shopping has gone well, I noticed with the new shape of my face all the stuff I already had in the house mostly almost all used up as I havent bought any for so long like five to seven years or more, it all started to not suit me any more. Now I’ve been focusing on looking at what sort of clothing I’d like to wear in the future especially as now my most flattering jumper tunic top has started to also look ridiculous on me, I only bought it mid October but its hanging off all over the shoulders and middle area now. I’ve started to understand completely why people were saying to buy things from a charity shop wear them a month and take them back afterwards. I am definitely going to do this or risk wasting lots of money, one thing I do know how to well is spending money which unfortunately has not changed post bypass 😀

    I have my first official weigh in of 2013 next week Tuesday so in exactly a week’s time, I’m looking forward to going because for so many weeks before my bypass since the beginning of September I was playing with the same 4kg in weight, it would go off come back go off come back over and over and over, now that 4kg plus a couple more have gone so I feel well pleased about that as it means the lady will see me under 100kg for the first time ever, and that excites me no end. Now all I need to do is find something to wear for this trip out of the house because all my stuff really has started to look ridiculous 😀

    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47587

    day 11 was even better than day 10 😀

    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47586

    Thanks Doodah Sue 🙂

    As always absolutely rock solid advice

    Day 10 post op for me – lets see – so far, had my first mashed up bit of roast chicken breast with the veg made sort of soft and sloppy with some spinach mushroom Anglo Indian style soup I had pre prepared in the freezer, it was like heaven on my tongue each tiny little mouthful, that was Monday three evenings / days ago, last night I sat in the bath for the first time in twelve days that again too was totally blissful, it was only shallow and mainly so that my daughter could get around my head to deep treat my hair – oh yes the biggest news of all I could barely sleep a wink during the night because of this one “I NO LONGER WEIGH OVER 100 KILOS” yep, weight on going into theatre last week Monday just ten days ago was 103.4 kilos or 227.96 pounds today its 99.8 kilos or 220.02 pounds. To say this has excited me no end is a massive understatement, I feel like dancing painting my front door red and having a party !!

    It means that in 53 weeks I have lost a total of 51.41kg or 111.34 pounds weight loss 😀

    Happy Healthy and Massively Fun 2013 !!

    @Doodah 27157 wrote:

    After wls, we need to allow ourselves to be our own priority for a while. It’s so difficult to do, especially if you are a parent/gaurdian/carer. It’s my mantra…’be as kind to yourself as you are to others and just for once in your life: put yourself first’. I always say it and I always mean it.

    You have achieved so much in such a short time – your head will take a bit longer than most to catch up I think!

    Doodah x

    in reply to: Funding Approved! #47585

    Thanks Doodah Sue 😀

    Well day six post op I was feeling very tired all of a sudden after remarkably not feeling tired for the days before, its all sort of caught up on me thankfully as it means I can now rest properly for a change.

    So far so good still, wounds healing nicely, cant believe how tiny they are given all the magical work Shaw Somers did inside my abdomen, just bruised and swollen still so waiting for it all to calm down at bit as I feel slightly enormous and blank emotionally which is ok, I mean its been one hell of a ride I barely stopped to draw breath last year so January for me is for resting and catching up with myself finally 🙂

    I am certain it takes the brain ages longer than the body to keep up with massive changes even ones that happen gradually over twelve months my head still keeps thinking I am much bigger than I am which is just weird.

    @Doodah 27132 wrote:

    Oh my goodness, you get to see your own operation! How exciting is that?! I bet you can’t wait!

    That was one heck of a gaffe at the hospital. Good job you, like most of us on here, are very self aware and not scared to challenge things.

    Make sure you rest….lots. That was the mistake I made after my last op. When I have stage two in February, I will not do a thing for at least a week. Pot, kettle and all that lol!

    Can’t wait to hear your updates my lovely 😉

    Doodah x

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