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  • in reply to: question re low carbohydrate \ high fat diet #80214

    I just wrote and edited a rather long message and now see nothing. If my message has to be reviewed first, that’s not a problem. I just don’t know if it was posted – there was no warning that it first had to be reviewed.

    I’ll ‘respond’ to my initial message by copying what I wrote. (I was forced to Backspace to see what I wrote and Copied it.)

    If this is now a duplicate message, perhaps the Administrator could delete this message. Thanks! Here goes … again:

    I’m posting here because I’ve watched many episodes featuring Dr. Somers on the BBC. I live in the Netherlands and rather late in life stumbled upon the low carbohydrate \ high fat (LCHF) diet which changed my life. This diet also goes by different names, but they are all basically the same – Atkins, Paleo, ‘just eat real food diet’, and so on.

    Five or six years ago I struggled with my weight though was never morbidly obese, my BMI was between 27 and 28.

    After watching a video online (based on the book, Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes) I learned the most important piece of information that changed my approach to food. I learned – to burn your fat requires a negative stimulus of an insulin deficiency. We don’t talk that way, but that means in essence, do everything you can not to raise your blood sugar.

    Why? Insulin is produced and insulin does two things very well – it takes what you’ve just eaten and stores that energy as fat for the future, and the insulin also block fats in your fat cells from leaving (to be used as fuel).

    If your blood sugar level is always high, you’ll keep getting fatter and always be hungry. You’ll eat, but the food your body needs _now_ will be stored for the future; you’ll always be hungry.

    My point in all of this? On almost all the shows I see on the BBC regarding obesity, there is surprising little mention of the role of insulin.

    Once I learned the role of insulin, I changed my diet. I lost 25 pounds or so within eight weeks … and it was effortless.

    I eat no foods made from grains (bread, rolls, crackers, pasta); avoid fruit juices – why?, fructose and little fiber; avoid starchy foods – rice, potatoes; and avoid anything with added sugar. (Sugar comes in many forms.)

    Why is there a lack of discussion regarding the role of insulin in losing weight?

    Is this topic discussed in private meetings with the bariatric surgeons? I must say I find it frustrating to hardly ever see any TV programs that stress the role of insulin in weight loss.

    Thanks for reading this. My BMI is now consistently in the 24 range … and I owe that control over my weight to understanding the role of insulin.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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