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    Hello everyone.I want different suggestions of diet plan.Kindly.Share with me your diet plan so that i can make my diet plan easily.Reply.

    ruby tuesday

    Eilvon, you have placed a few posts, all asking for advice on diet, vitamins, etc. Firstly, the company running this forum run it for people who are looking at weight loss surgery with them. Is that the case?

    Streamline Surgical is based in England, so the surgery is offered over here, and this forum is for people who are pre or post op booked with them.

    Have you seen a surgeon or been to a Streamline seminar? It does not sound as though you have, and that would be your best start.



    I am booked to have my pre-op on the 15th at Clem Churchill and then Bypass on the 27th July.

    Can anyone please tell me ‘now’ what sort of pre-op diet I can expect to be put on. Would the milk diet be plain milk, or can we use slimfast etc to flavour?

    Many thanks 🙂


    Hi Maximax

    You must be so excited!

    Most people are put on the milk diet (or liver shrinking diet to be more precise) as it is the easiest to follow. There are others of course for anyone who is Lactose intollerant or who simply hate milk.

    Basically, the milk diet is 4pints of reduced fat milk a day, a sugar free jelly and a stock cube made into a drink. The milk can be flavoured with sugar free flavourings or made into ‘lattes’ with sugar free syrups. I found it really easy to follow due to it’s simplicity. Surprisingly, you don’t feel starving hungry either.

    I personally think it’s also easy to follow as you don’t have to do it for very long and you know that it will help your surgeon greatly. If you click on the link on the website for You Tube, you can watch a short videos from our dietician which will explain it in detail.

    Hope that helps a bit. Please keep in touch to let us know how it’s all going. Good luck x

    Doodah x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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