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xxladykxx’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Ms Ellie

    Hi there xxxladyxxxx just didn’t want to read and run here’s hoping that you’re feeling much better real soon. If you can try going to the support group mentioned by petal you will meet some lovely people and share their experiences this will deffinately help you to understand what you’re going through!!

    Much love Ellie xxx

    Fantastic post stilltryingsohard xxxx


    When I had my band, I was getting awful pain in my shoulder. I went to a qualified massage lady who told me it was the build up of the CO2 they pump into you and it gets trapped. One full body massage later and I was cured. Had the same problem when the band came out with the shoulder pain and sure enough, one massage and it was gone again. So far, since bypass I’ve not had that pain so work that one out!!! You do feel prety emotional at first and after my bypass, I had one day (day 5) where I just wanted to cry for no reason. It does get better as the days go by I promise you that.


    Thank you everyone
    It’s day 5 and im am feeling much better! my shoulder is still by far the most painful part of all this thank you hazel I might look into having a massage.
    I have now moved onto mashed potato which is amazing i was just missing the feeling of consistancy with my food. I could happily plod alone on mashed potato.
    So onwards and upwards!
    Thanks so much everyone that took the time to message. Once things settle down a little I will defo get myself along to a meeting.


    so glad you are feeling better
    but please be careful as day 5 is a bit too early for mashed potato
    when I had MY BYPASS 26 MONTHS AGO
    I was ordered to be on fluid (only) diet for the first 2 weeks
    so just watch your pouch wounds etc as its still swollen and healing etc
    look after yourself x


    Thank you for your advice. I am following the diet sheets provided by the hospital to the letter. It does say mashed potato with gravy is allowed in the first week, though i find it really hard to get it down so I make it so loose you can pour it onto a plate :-). perhaps it’s different for bypasses. my diet sheet says from tomorrow day 7 I can start on casseroled meats. maybe I should call and double check as I don’t want to come all this way to fail!


    No don’t worry – mash is fine.I was on sloppy for week 2 and then gradually working up to solid food by week 4 (i’m week 5 now) and even though i’ve had a fill I can pretty much eat anything I just go really slowly and chew lots. I had all the emotional trauma too (can’t say I’m much better now!) but losing lots of weight sure does cheer me up so keep yer pecker up and the good times will come for us all


    Hi Ladyk

    The trapped wind pain in your shoulder can be really awful… try drinking peppermint tea, that does help, and walking helps to ease it too…

    The most important thing at this stage as you start to increase the solidity of your food is to take it really slow when you eat as the more solid the food, the less you can eat and it can be really painful if you eat a tad too quickly and miss your new full feeling… always a good idea to put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls and try to avoid distractions whilst you eat.

    You’ll be feeling fine soon… good luck on your WL journey.

    Take care


    thinking of you

    hope you are feeling a bit better 2day ? xxx


    Thank you peeps for your support you really are my strength & PMA (positive mental attitude)!

    Thanks Vicki & Claire always great to hear advice from fellow bansters!

    I’m feelling more and more positive everyday and infact today was a high day! Still in a fair amount of pain but nothing like it was.


    p.s i’m day 7 and 9lbs down 🙂


    This thread is great as I am now 4 days post op and feel like my mind has been read here!!! So day 5 is a crying day?? That’s easy- kid free and home alone tomorrow!!! Girly movies all day it is!! Massage for the shoulder- o what a horrible thing to endure!! I shall book two!
    Thanks so much to the lovely ladies who continually provide information to us newbies- it’s invaluable! Keep up the good work! Xx


    Hi Karina,

    How are you doing?
    I’m now week 4 and have my first fill next week which I am very looking forward to!
    Hope u are not too sad and it deffo gets better x

    chubby girl


    I just wanted to say I had the band and the first day I was let out in France, I was straight into mcdonalds for a mcflurry (im not recommending this) as I was desperate for a bit of normal food!!! Stick with it – you have done a good thing for your health and the band gets easier as you get to know it. Look at Fern Britton – ive actually seen her in the flesh and she is TINY and she doesnt look sad does she? You will definitely be able to eat normal food again, just give it time and it will all be FINE I absolutely promise you. And remember, unlike the bypass, the band IS reversible (i had mine out) so dont think you have done anything to ruin your life – if as time goes on, you want rid of it, you can BUT i doubt you will. Really good luck and I hope you feel better soon, Sarah x

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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