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WOW Ive reached a BMI of under 25 !!!!

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    Weighed myself today and I knew I was close but have crept under the 25 bmi point today so I am really happy with that as I have reached that “landmark” but whilst being happy I had to think what does it mean does that extra bit of weight loss and a slighlty different bmi mean im different?

    My answer is no I’m still happy with the new me although still trying even now to take the new me in, Yes I have some loose skin which at some point I will have to save up to be removed but I would much much rather be where I am than where I was at a pre op weight before my milk diet of 31.5 stone to now be just under 12 stone 5 lbs is fantastic and Icouldnt have done it without the Tools that Shaw gave me to put myself on the right track to be a healther, happier individual who is more liked by my family and friends because I have lost most of my anger and unhappyness that my previous self gave me.

    Am I obsessed with the sub 25 bmi nope, I have set my self a maintain weight range that is above this and I will be as happy to stay there.

    I just wanted to share this with you all as it made my day today!




    Shaw Somers said to me ‘Sue, what can you do with a BMI of 25 that you can’t with one of 26?’ Rhetorical question really!

    I’ve never chased ‘numbers’ but it’s so easy to get caught up in it and become obsessed isn’t it? All I ever wanted to be was normal….hmmm jury’s still out on that one haha!

    Well done on your achievement mate. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve to feel absolutely flippin marvellous

    Doodah x


    Fantastic results Jay and a big well done to you, and totally jealous as well, I was well on the way to that Magic 25 as well and got down to 26.3 when they went and spoilt it all by telling me to stop.

    Well done you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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