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    Hi it’s me again! I’ve been offered a ticket to go & see Jessie J at the Brighton centre tomorrow (I love Jessie so I said yes!) now I’m seriously freaking out that I still won’t fit in the seat & I’m worried for the poor person sitting next to me! I started my journey as a extra, extra large person & although I know I’ve shrunk & everyone says I will be fine I just don’t see it! I’m also going to see Bruno Mars on 21st at the O2 & I’m starting to freak out about that too! No one understands how I feel or why I’m so freaked out about it! I should have just said no! What to do?! :0(



    I know how you feel.. I spent my whole life it seems avoiding these type of situations, (hopefully no more having had a band fitted 8 months ago.. but still have a lot of weight to lose as started out at 24st!.)

    Be brave… go and enjoy life… trust your friends ..and remember you can always leave at any point.

    If you don’t go what will you do ? my old one would have been to stay indoors fell sorry for myself and eat.!
    You have done so well, so go and celebrate


    I agree, you should go! I also made excuses not to go to various gigs, parties, social gatherings in the past and looking back I realise I missed out on so much… bite the bullet and enjoy your evening!
    I will forever regret not going to two concerts at Wembley – Guns n Roses and Queen. (different tastes in music huh?!) I turned flown tickets for both and will never get the opportunity to see them again.


    Thanks guys x I’m going! Still anxious but at some point I have to give it a go! One of my biggest regrets was not seeing Queen live x Freddie Mercury was amazing x my last concert was Madonna & I was 16 weeks pregnant with my eldest son who is nearly 26! He is like me & enjoys all varieties of music from Michael Buble to Rap although I have to say some rap I just don’t get! I’m looking forward to dancing along to Jessie J so hopefully my butt won’t be stuck in the seat too much :0£


    GO! Have fun. Jump around. Shout. Wave. Yell the songs. Clap your hands. Have a blast!!! Then come back here and tell us all about it!!

    Doodah x


    Treeza you go girl xxxxxxx


    Yay yay yay! It was amazing!!!! I cried a few happy tears as I wouldn’t have even dreamed of going 4 months ago! I fitted fine in the seat no pressure sores from squeezing in! I didn’t feel like the fattiest person in the room even though I might have been?! I’m soooo glad I went & didn’t chicken out! Jessie is such a good role model for youngsters & told us to love ourselves! Need to learn to do that! It’s coming slowly! Thank you x I love this place! xxx


    YAAAY!!! This post makes me SO happy. Welcome to your new life my lovely – it will get better and better, I promise you!

    I love this place too – all the support and positivity we could possibly need.

    Doodah x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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