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Wind 3 days post op

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    Hi, I’m just 3 days post op and wondered if anyone could tell me how long this bloated excess wind feeling lasts for. I am drinking peppermint tea and walking around as much as possible but still feel very uncomfortable. It is bearable but just wondered on average how many more days this will continue for. Any ideas??


    ruby tuesday

    I think it varies Nettie, so it may be a while, or just a few more days, but it does seem to go eventually. No doubt someone else will be able to help more, but I know not so many log on Sunday, and wanted to make sure you had a reply! xx


    Hi Nettie
    I had it as well and was getting so much pain in my shoulders which wind due to the air they pump into you I found windeze perfect after a couple of days it was all gone, also peppermint cordial is also good for helping it also helps heartburn.speaking from experience. I hope this helps and soon feel better, and seeing you at the group.



    I had wind and feeling bloated for about a week after my bypass, but like you I was drinking peppermint tea and walking as much as I could which did help, it will go soon and you will start to feel so much better. I had a pain in my left side much like a stitch for a while after that so I phoned up Chichester and was told that was quite natural as it was where the inside was knitting together, was also a little swollen that side to,but all that has passed now and I feel really great still get the odd pain inside but only if I have been really going for it and I do tend to suffer from trapped wind in my left hand shoulder every so often but a small price to pay for the weight loss. I have lost 6 stone + since March when I had my bypass done.
    Elaine x


    Thanks everyone, I only had the pain in my shoulder slightly from the wind, most of it seems to be trapped in my abdomen which is more uncomfortable than painfull, I look 9 months pregnant lol!

    Elaine your weightloss is inspirational you must be so happy

    Nettie xx


    Hi Nettie,
    I am over the moon with my weight loss, I have my life back and I know as I continue to lose the weight it will only get better. It is nice to go into “normal” shops and know if I pick up a size 18 pair of leggings that they will fit as I proved Saturday, means I have come down from a size 32/34 and I now in clothes from a 18 to 22 which to me is amazing and it will be the same for you, once everything settles inside and the swelling goes down you will begin to look good.
    Take care.
    Elaine xx

    ruby tuesday

    So pleased for you Ganny, well done, and what a wonderful feeling it must be to look at yourself in the changing room mirrors too, and know yep, you do actually look that good! xx


    That will be us soon Ruby xx

    ruby tuesday

    OOh hope so! xx


    IT WILL!!!! It’s the best feeling in the world xxx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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