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WHY is life sooooo cruel?

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    Dawn precious, Never give up trying, be persistant.
    If going on a weight management programme takes you any further to getting WLS then it has to be worth going.
    It makes my blood boil that their is such a postcode lottery, it is such an unfair system.
    I am sorry…
    nobody should suffer the way you do, and in my opinion anti depression tablets are handed our like smarties thesedays… its just dreadful…

    That being said, write to your PMT, write to you local councilor, write to your doctor or the surgery as a matter of course, ask for their complaints procedure (sometimes makes them sit up and listen)… otherwise, just dont stop trying….

    Its a shame that some of the private surgeons doing NHS operations do not have a fund for such cases? I know it would be difficult to say who deserves it the most but one or two operations a year would give the one or two a much better life. They still get paid the full amount as far as i understand… Perhaps its something Streamline have or will be considering….???

    Felling for you right now…hoping you find a route…

    All the best…


    Andy in Bognor


    You can always take your PCT to court for a judicial review. This is what I’m doing and hope it might help others in future if I win the case. There aren’t many solicitors who will take this kind of thing on and even less insurance companies who will cover you but I have found one and haven’t had to pay a penny. No win No fee jobbie. The case is being heard on 21st October 2010 so fingers crossed. The BBC have been covering my story so here’s a link for you to see. Just hope this will give some of you a glimmer of hope when your PCT’s have their own agenda’s which are nothing like the NICE guidelines. I don’t want to sound a know it all because I’m not but I’ve been fighting my PCT for the last 2 1/2 years so there isn’t much I don’t know about how to handle them. They are all a load of bureaucratic idiots who wouldn’t know obesity if it hit them. Did you know that they don’t generally have anyone on the pannel who specialises in obesity? It’s just made up of the odd GP here and there, managers and you might be lucky to have a nurse as well. Nobody who can really make an informed decission on peoples lives.

    I’m happy to help anyone who needs it.



    good for you Hazel! its only by fighting the systems do changes take place! I gave up and wil be using all my savings, but I know that lots of people dont have that option. Good luck! x


    I too live in West Sussex and applied for funding about a year or so ago and was turned down. They said that I needed to prove that I had tried to lose weight. My GP said that she would apply again if I went to the surgery to get weighed every month. After 6 months she applied again and I was approved for funding. I then had a choice of hospitals but was told that Chichester had closed their list. I waited a while and then asked her to apply to Chichester when they did re-open their list. She sent the forms off on April 24th, I had my first appointment in May and my op in June.
    I did have other problems that were a contributing factor. I have sleep aponea, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, but the thing that clinched it for me was a heart problem which was safer to treat with WLS than a heart operation. I took the letters from my cardiologist with me to my appointment which may have helped speed up my op. My BMI was around 48-50 at the time of my first consultation, lower than that when I applied for funding the first time but I don’t remember what it was.
    All I can say is a great big ‘THANK YOU ‘to West Sussex PCT and Chris Pring for saving my life.


    Hazel, will look at your case and follow it too on my website…it may help. You are local to me too so maybe we can meet up to see what can be done. P/m me if you have the time. Carol x


    Now that would be a blast. I’m always stuck at home on my jack so it would be nice to meet some new people who give a toss about what I’m talking about! Do you work? If not, we could meet up in the day once the kids have gone back to school.


    Dawn, sweetie, I’m been reading your comments, please go to see the weight management councellor, I’ve just found out today that I have funding approval and it’s all because of my weight management councellor, who wrote and supportive report to the PCT, and an understanding and supportive GP, who read the councellor’s report and fully agreed with it.

    It’s six months out of your life but it helps, it’s also another professional to back your request. It’s required in Kent to attend one of these causes before your considered and, it’s meant my application has been successful. I hope you don’t think I’m gloating, I’m not, but please to anyone trying to get funding got for anything that you can to get you backup from the professionals.

    I hope this has helped, keep your spirits up love and dont’ give up, you’ll get there eventually.


    I can only stress how much everyone who does qualify under NICE guidelines needs to fight fight fight. My solicitor is more than happy to help people and if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Feel free to contact me for help and I can point you in the right direction. The more people who do this, the more it might make the PCT’s act quicker. It took me 2 1/2 years of fighting but if I can save anyone else from this long battle then I’ll be more than happy to help.

    Hazel X

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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