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    Dear Han
    My name is Dawn Wood i weigh 18st and i am 5ft 4″ so my Bmi would be around 43.25 i have tried every diet weight watcher slimming world ect, i have even tried orlastst and reductal from my docs but nothing works i am 35 and i live in leeds i went to my doctors about 3 weeks ago to ask if they would refer me for a gastric bypass 3 weeks on i had not received anything so i rang my docs to see if they had sent the referal and the secretary told me that it had been refused as my bmi is not 45 and i am not critically ill i was gutted how can they say i am not eligable without even seeing me i at least expected to see someone i mean how do they know how much pain i suffer through the day and the sleepless night i have to put up with i suffer with Arthritis, Chondromalacia patella and i use elbow crutches, I get very bad back, Knee and Hip pain all the time and also get alot of ciatica, i suffer depression because of my size and the pain that i have and because i dont go out as i either end up in too much pain or am stared at because of how i look i have size 46G breast so i suffer alot with neck pain and sores under them i also get sores under my stomach its always in summer as i sweet alot i hate this time of the year, i get out of breath really easy too which then makes me cough alot, i am on lots of medication which dont really do alot i take :-
    Zydol 2 x 4 daily, Lyrica 1 X 2 daily, Naproxen 1 x 2 daily, Fluoxetine 2 x 1 daily,
    i know im not as big as tom but i do suffer just as much so i was woundering if you still have a copy of your letter so i can write to the pct myself as i wouldnt even know where to start
    thanks yours hopefully dawn x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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