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Why is breakfast so difficult??

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    Hi all

    I am now 4 weeks post op and doing great and not really having any problems other than I really can’t stomach breakfast at all I try to eat something but it isn’t much at all compared to lunch and dinner where I do well. Any ideas as to why or if anyone else has the same problem??



    Hi Emily,
    Can’t help you on this one as breakfast is the only meal I don’t struggle with but as soon as I have eaten it then I start to feel sick and that feeling never leaves me all day. Hope you are doing ok and it is a shame I won’t get to see you on the 5th now.
    Elaine xx


    Hi Elaine

    I guess it just takes time….

    Oh no was your appointment not changed aswell?


    sonia kidman

    I find warm milk and corn flakes is good or thoses mini weetabix with warm milk gos down well.
    Or maybe a small yoghurt.
    Hope that helps


    Hi Emily

    I’ve always found breakfast hard and post op was no different. I find petit filous little stars a good breakfast…low in sugar and because its fromage frais instead of yoghurt it seems to hit my ‘sick button’ less (if you know what i mean).
    Also the pots are tiny so even at 4weeks post op you didn’t feel like you were eating for hours. Add to that that its milk, calcium, protein etc etc i found it easier than cereal
    good luck, its so important to eat breakfast..i stopped for a few weeks and my weight loss plateau’d right out

    Sally Bailey

    Moonsausage, that’s a brilliant point about breakfast being the msot important part of the day. It always is isn’t it? Surgery or not. It is hard though, especially in the early days.

    Sally x


    Just a thought here….

    Consider being recentley operated on and how tender things might be, whilst were topping up on little ammounts of foods during the day the evening when we are sleeping we are not.
    So I would suggest things tighten back up overnight.

    I am surprised so many can manage warm milk in the mornings, I had issues with hot and cold foods…go figure we are so very very different.

    So can I suggest, some water besides the bed for when you wake up….drink that and try having breakfast 30 minutes or more later, you might find it helps…

    Just a thought 😉

    Hope you find some solutions, breakfast is important…

    Buzz xx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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