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    Mark AVG

    i had gastric bypass on 20.08.08 by mr sommers …. just to let u know how im getting on in life …
    i did lose about 10 stone from the operation but this time last yeasr it stoped and i started to gain weight and now i been put on Victoza…as i had no support from gp’s or and not much help from chichester as i had constant gut pain with like water diarrhoea every time i would eat this went on for weeks and i still get it now and i dont no wots going on inside of me !! i still find some food makes me very ill ….sine we last emailed i been in hospatil a with MRSA osteomyelitis and foot ulcers and had to have toe amputations and have been on IV drugs via picc line to the heart so i been off my feet ! but i do wonder if mine went wrong or something is not quite right inside as i can eat lots of sweet things and cake..also i was told a lot of things before the operation that havent followed through wich dont add up most of the time and now i find out the PCT will not pay for skin removal under any circumstances so im at a loss what i should do!


    I so know how you feel
    I also had my bypass in 2008
    lost 13 stones but weight loss stopped at 18 stones so am still a candidate for bypass today 27 months post bypass
    I have also approx 4 stones of excess skinand have lost my job so can not afford to have it removed privately
    it IS NOT COSMETIC as I have an embarressinf=g therefore PRIVATE medical condition as a direct result of my excess skin stomach overhang
    the PCT have refused funding and also refused funding again upon appeal
    i am now going legal but its long and drawn out anfd very stressful
    i am hungry all the time cause I have to diet so strictly OR I GAIN WEIGHT
    and didnt go through all this to regain my weight
    its a real headtrip
    my GP put me on anti depressents and I have gained 9lbs my first fgain
    and im distraught and dont know which way to turn
    but i have stopped anti depressents and WILL NEVER GIVE UP
    but man it;s sooo hard
    all my best to you
    it’s so great to hear that I’m not the only one
    and to hear from a longer term bypass pateient
    it doesn’t happen often on this forum

    Mark AVG

    thanks for getting back to which is kind of you… but can i say i can eat a kids size meal and then 45mins latter im hungry ! its like the uper part of my stomach is but my lower part and my gut feel empty ..also i can go 3-4 days and not open my bowels but when i do its like tons and its runny and painfull with gut cramps and it stinks the house out ! ..hope to here back soon xx


    Hi Mark,

    Glad to hear you did so well initially, but at the same time equally as sorry your having so many problems.
    Considering wha has happened its no wonder some weight might have crept back on so please dont dispair quite yet.
    Have you asked about a referal back to St Richards? I am not sure what they can offer other than knowing why you might be having the movements you do and trying to offer dietry advice.
    I seem to be in the same boat but thankfully not gaining… I was statoinary at about month 4 after rapid weight loss and some 14 months later managed to loose about 2 stone ( 8 in total )
    I am content where I am, but fear as portions get bigger so might I.
    I can tolerate sugars and the things I really shouldn’t. Emotional eating does not go away so its important you find a happy place and a happy crowd to encourage you.

    Their is a “five day pouch test” our colleagues in the States and Canada use, you can search it on google. It has helped lots understand how their pouch might have stretched and what ammounts they can consume, this is sometimes enough to encourage some to reduce their intake again.

    It’s scarey none the less, that the further we get from surgery the harder it might be to maintain… Perhaps its something we could work on together….

    The cramps and loose movements usually happen to me for mis behaving or cheating….. needless to say I have been having these symtoms for over a year….. often wondered why it happens and if its normal….. and been meaning to check it out.
    Would appriciate any feedabck if you persue it….. I will of course do the same….

    Wanna work as a team? Do something together……???
    Feeling we both need to concentrate more being well out of the honeymoon period….

    As I said buddy, dont despair, it leads to turning to foods…. Old habbits die hard….

    Talk to me……


    Andy aka Buzz


    hi i had my op in oct 2009 and i,ve been told i cant have comestic i,ve lost 19stone 7lb still losing size 8-10 being sick all time had lots probs and feel like i got no answers got discharge but need to go bk as still losing being sick it like living like anrexic my doc is sick and chichester havent been much help said it was pycolgical write bk hope you get it sorted going to my gp to kick up as i,ve had enough guy slater did mine love georgina

    ruby tuesday

    Gosh you poor thing, you must be feeling rotten. I am so sorry to hear you are being sick all the time, I was like that once when on Lanzoprazole for stomach acid control. Have you tried Stugeron? It is actually a travel tablet (active ingredient is Cinnarizine), and it controls nausea. It can be given on prescription, and that way you get more tablets. There is also Domperidone (brand name Molilium) which is for nausea and dizzyness, and sometimes an ear imbalance causes the nausea/vomiting. Have they checked your stomach acid levels? Do not give up, it is not reasonable to have to live being sick all the time, and if it is that bad, perhaps it will have to be reversed if a bypass. best wishes xx by the way, fantastic weight loss, well done you x


    OMG you have and are suffering. The one good thing from your experiences is that you get to share and make it kinda real for those of us who are discovering all there is about wls. What a price to pay for all that weight loss – being sick all the time I mean – I really really hope you get that bit sorted out soon. Well done on such a tremendous loss, congratulations. J

    Sally Bailey

    Hiya Mark

    Domperidone (Motillium) is a great medication for combatting vommiting/nausea and dizziness associated with eating. Have you tried being referred back to the hospital? There must be something they can do/suggest?

    Unfortunately, ‘head hunger’ is the hardest thing to overcome after surgery and is often the main reason we find ourselves needing it in the first place. Psychological support is needed without a doubt. I hope you get the help you need and in the meantime, always remember, you are NOT alone. We are all here to listen and help in any way we can.

    Sally x

    miss missy

    hi everybody.its so sad to read that you guys go through surgery then have problems further down the line.will us quite newbies have some of these problems,i think nearly 9 weeks post op and i no for a fact that this last week ive wanted and have eaten more.thats scary when i read on here that people dont have an appetite for months and not gonna lose any weight if my appetite continues rising.anybody have any idea how many calories we should be on at 9 weeks post op cos think will write down all im eeating in 1 day if no how many i should be on.much love.xxxxx


    bypasses are very very very rarely reversed in fact hardly ever
    occasionaly revised but usually to make pouch smaller
    which would be counter -productive in Georgina’s case


    at 9 weeks probably 900 cals per day mainly protein
    64fl ox water is a must
    as is vitamin supplements
    its hard
    and your pouch is still tiny
    can you imagine in a year’s time
    2 year’s time when pouch gets bigger
    its dieting and excersize
    Who knew lol!!!
    best of luck on your journey

    ruby tuesday

    Dear stilltryingsohard,

    Interesting, Mr Summers recently told me that although I would hear people say a bypass was permenant, he could reverse it in the case of complications.

    ruby tuesday

    Dear Stilltryingsohard,

    Interesting, Mr Summers recently told me although I would hear a bypass was permenant, he could reverse it in the case of problems.

    miss missy

    oh really?i thought it was only about 600.900 quite a lot isnt when we’re say 6 months down the line how many calories will we be on then?cos im not eating much meat cos of the pain i get dont think am having mega amounts of protein.i seem to eat a lot of tinned pasta which i no isnt the best thing to eat.i no when i can eat meat and salad i’ll be able to cut down on the carbs.i no ive not lost weight this last week cos my cllothes dont feel looser but i dont weigh again till next sunday.i have such an appetite and am always thinking of wot to eat next which i used to do before the very scared about this op not gonna work for me!!!!!!!!x


    Hi Missy,

    Your at such the early stages and I am sure any stalls might be because of what your eating and not necessarily the quantity.
    We absorb so much less as food reaches the intestines quicker where as before it used to sit in out stomachs digesting…

    Water and protien is so important for the initial weight loss, if water wont fill you up then milk or protien shakes and the likes, its really important early on sweetheart if you want to make the best of the early days.
    Drinking between meals will inevitably stretch your pouch…

    Otherwise grazing and overfilling might well have your intestines acting as a second stomach…
    Please try to find some order and stick to some very basic rules…. its tried and tested hun….

    You can…. with a little preserveance change things…
    Ask for help with your diet if you think it is an issue please 🙂

    Buzz x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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