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which surgeon did u guys have???

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    hi everyone im due to have my bypass next week and i have tim john doing mine has anyone else had this surgeon?? i thought id be havin mr somers as he was the one who agreed i should need the surgery….??


    Hi, I had Mr Tim John. He is very good I am doing well and have had no problems at all. I sometimes feel a fraud cos I have had nothing to complain about. I had my surgery on 20th Oct. a week later I travelled up to Scotland for a party and that was another story but no problems with the surgery only problems with the party venue having power cut and needed to find new venue and catering. Yes only a few hours notice and I was able to help with everything, had small drink of red wine and danced so all positive as far as I am concerned. He told me his heart sank when he read my notes in the morning as I’d had a previous surgery for hiatus hernia but to his credit he did a very good job. I can eat most things now only beef seems to be a bit of a problem but that is fine with me I don’t miss it. He is very nice so you should be fine. Hope this puts you at ease. Keep us posted.

    Love and Hugs

    Irene xxx


    arh thnx irene thts brilliant to hear from someone else whos had the same surgeon as id not seen his name on here much got me a bit panicky hehe i know il be in safe hands just gettin a lil touchy now hehe x


    i had Guy Slater. Tim Johns is good.


    Guy Slater removed my gastric band and Shaw Somers then did my gastric bypass
    what a day lol!!!
    good luck xxx


    pompey girl, you might need a step ladder to take in with you. As Tim John is about ten foot tall & slim!!!


    Tim john oct 2009 and forever grateful


    I had to go private and chose Shaw Somers 10 out of 10. However I have found all the staff Guy Slater, Chris Pring, Velia, Lisa, Andrea, Michelle, Cilla, Christine x 2, Streamliner all excellent!
    Chichester was perfect for me and the op was straightforward without complications even though Shaw Somers found a large hiatus hernia on the day at the start of the op and repaired that before doing the bypass. I’d had it since giving birth to 6lb6oz and 6lb 10oz twins three weeks early 36 years ago he thinks.
    Good luck to you all but you are in safe hands and in the right place with all these buddies and get-togethers combined with the excellent support groups available. I go to three. A must.
    Bye a happy and healthy Renn (Madeleine) 8 and a half months on.


    please has anyone had their op at the luton and dunstable as i seem unable to find anyone to talk to who has been there. i would love to be in contact with anyone especially if you are pre op like me. please, anyone? thanks.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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