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when is alcohol ok

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    Hi I’m on my 14 th day post op and I’m wondering if any one knows when it is ok to have alcohol? Just like a mixed drink or some sort


    I’m having my op Thursday and was wondering the same!


    Me too !

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    after the first year as far as im aware


    Year!!!!!!!! A Year!!!!!!! I’m not sure I’ll be waiting a year, is that band and bypass??


    I was also told to try to hold off for a year after bypass. Bad news!


    I had my bypass in March this year and I had my first real drink about two weeks ago, it was only half a glass of bubbly and I waited until it went flat and then just sipped at it with no side affects apart from the fact that I felt really drunk lol, cheap date or what.
    Elaine x


    yep not sposed to drink in first yr of having a bypass. i think

    sue wants 2 be thin

    They do recommend no alcohol for the first year, don’t interest me, got more important things to do with my time now i am no longer classed as obese.


    I’m having a band and haven’t been told or read this, I do hope it’s not a year for bandsters!


    Bands may be different as I think it affects bypass patients because of the actual bypass of the intestines . So with a band guess it’s ok but still empty calories !

    Katherine . X

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    The reason we are asked to avoid alcohol is that it is empty calories (which will slow down your weight loss) has no nutritional value and you get drunk very, very quickly. When we are drunk, we make wrong choices sometimes 🙁 Also, there is the underlying threat of transferred addictions – from food to alcohol. I know this sounds really miserable and negative but it has to be considered I guess.

    For future reference, you could be under the legal limit to drive but actually be very drunk. I’m 3 years post op and sometimes have one or two glasses of wine. However, I’m pretty squiffy on that when before I could drink anyone under the table!!

    Sorry to be such a spoil sport.

    Doodah x


    Im due to have my op next week, its my 30th birthday in November and i fully intend to have a drink or 2. Although i do think i might test it out before hand as i dont want to be flat on my back after one infront of everyone!!!


    I waited about 10 months and had a half of good real ale, I could not finish it and was 3 sheet to the wind. LOL
    Im now 17 months post bypass and mainly drink a couple of small glasses of japanese sake and still get drunk on it.

    I never drink when im on the Bike or in driving the car.


    I saw Mr Somers on Thursday and asked this. I had my bypass nearly 9 weeks ago and am losing well. For all the above reasons he recommends caution but as I am doing well and have never been a big drinker or had a problem with it he said the odd glass or two of wine us fine. So ask your individual surgeon about this I suggest. I’ve had the odd glass and been fine ( I’ve not had more than that).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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