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What were you eating at 6 weeks post bypass??

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    Hello there

    Any suggestions as to what to eat from 6 weeks post bypass, I would just be interested in suggestions. Am not keen on fish and have struggled with eggs so far… Just having a dip in confidence and enthusiasm. Need to take more care of myself.

    Thanks in advance




    At 6 weeks post bypass I was still on mashed food, so anything soft enough to be mashed, which was mainly soft vegetables and soups. Meats always where and still are a problem, but that’s just me, as everyone is different. One tip, don’t make your food preparation a chore otherwise you will get fed up with it and start cutting corners, keep things simple and you be on normal foods sooner than you think. Another 2 weeks is not long to go till you can start normal foods. (Assuming you are following the Streamline diet that is).



    Return to Slender, the UK’s first bariatric cookery book | Bariatric Cookery

    These books by Carol Ball will have all the ideas, recipes and shopping list suggestions for every single stage of your progression following wls. They are my bibles!! Being veggie, I have to make lots of different choices but in general, I find being vegetarian easier to keep to the low fat/sugar rule.

    I was at the same stage as you at 6 weeks, with maybe a little more care with keeping it smooth as I had also had my gall bladder out and didn’t want to risk anything getting stuck or putting in a repeat performance so to speak!

    If you are really bothered, contact your dietitian for more specific advice. Hope this helps.

    Doodah x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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