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What Is The Key To Successful Weight Loss?

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    What is the secret of long-term weight loss? You don’t get people-support to help you grasp your weight loss goals, you’ll find it very difficult to lose weight.



    Good to see a new topic.
    I feel the secret to long-term weightloss is within us all.
    We need support too. Especially from our significant others and all the medical team.
    We need someone who believes in us as well us us believing ourselves thatwe can achieve our goals.
    I think we need to eat smaller portions and make sure that we are not malnourished by eating junk.
    I think we need a good night’s sleep and sleep apnoea doesn’t help here.
    It helps if we become more active gradually so we match our food input with our energy output.
    Most of all for me it was getting my emotional eating sorted by stopping medicating myself continually with loads of comfort foods!
    Good luck with the above!
    What do others think please?
    Bye Madeleine (Renn)


    By continually asking ourselves prior to eating ‘why am I putting this food in my mouth?’. Am I upset/distressed/frustrated/bored/cross/tired/feeling rejected/rewarding myself etc or I am actually hungry?

    This is currently working for me, hopefully it might for others.


    It’s a lifestyle change, and it’s rough.One needs to put their foot down when faced with unhealthy food temptations.By consuming Increase water intake, exercises like walking or swimming,increase protein and fiber, staying away from junk food and snacks that have little or no nutritional value


    Hi Jemslaska

    I’m three years post op and am still losing tiny little amounts. I’m at the goal I set for myself so I’m not really bothered if I lose anymore or not. I can only tell you how I did it. I have lost 15st (210 lbs, 95kgs.)

    I followed the guidlines given to me by the dietician to the absolute letter. I never tried to run before I could walk in terms of moving on to the next stage. I methodically planned my meals, took my supplements, drank loads of water and exercised to the ability to which I was able at the various stages of weight loss I achieved. I didn’t beat myself up if I got it wrong occasionally and I rewarded myself with non-food treats like a massage, mini-break, clothes (of course!) and outings I couldn’t have considered before surgery (theatre/cinema.) I looked upon it as a job: that gave me the self-discipline I needed to get through it (the pay was improved health)

    I hope these ramblings are helpful!!

    Good luck and keep on keeping on….’Never give up, never surrender’ as the saying goes.

    Doodah. xx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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