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What is required for dietician and psychologist approval during pre op assessment?

Home » Topics » Surgical Journey » Pre- Weight Loss Surgery » Pre-op Appointments- What to expect » What is required for dietician and psychologist approval during pre op assessment?

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    My daughter is waiting for all the forthcoming appointments.
    What exactly is the requirement by the dietician and the psychologist for success for
    approval from the patient’s point of view?
    Would they give a pre op guideline to follow to see if she is able to lose weight? Failure to lose may cause problem?
    My daughter is worried in case her pre op losing weight disqualify her for the op !
    What do the psychologist want to assess for? What do they want to see in a patient to
    qualify or disqualify?
    Once the mind is made up for an op it may be dissapointing if disqualified.
    Please may I have your opinion?


    Hi, once you get your appointment for all your pre op assessment you will be required to keep a food diary for five days,they will want to know what you ate, why you ate it and how did that make you feel, be HONEST is all I can advise, don’t think I know I shouldn’t be having that so I will leave it out because that won’t help, they need to see what type of eater you are, sweet/savoury, it will help in the decission on what op would be the best for you. As for the pshchologist that again is just to see if you can cope with the complete life change that the op is going to have and if you can metally cope with it. These people are not there to stop you having the op, they are there with your best interest at heart to see if you can cope with it all.
    Iam now 17months post bypass and nearly 11 stones lighter and yes there still days when I struggle, I was always a comfort eater and even now when I get times of stress in my life it stills rears its ugly head and I want to binge eat but I now know the signs to look for and I try and find other ways to get through it, I have found exercise is good for when I am stressed but I am sure others have other ways of coping. Hope that helps and I wish your daughter all the best as she starts out on this roller coaster ride of WLS.
    Elaine x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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