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What happens when you go to the 2 week appoinment before your op

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    Donna O

    I am curious to know what happens when you go for your 2 week app before your op, i thought it was called a pre op assesment ? but after reading some of the threads im not sure.I go for my app on the 25th of aug how long are you there for does anyone know ?I know i have to see the nurse to sort out my clexane injections but i wondered what else you do ?If any one could shed some light i would be gratefull thanks .


    When I went for my pre op assesment, they weighed me, talked about the op and what would happen, took some blood and a MRSA swab, was only at Chichester about an hour max. Hope that helps.
    Elaine x


    Hi Donna – exactly what Elaine said bloods re check of history check mobility issues if any Mrsa swab . Then a run through of the op day . Think I was there 1.5 hours . Another chance to ask any last Q’s .

    Katherine . X

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    Donna O

    Ok thanks that has set my mind at rest for a while guess im just a bit nervous the time is slowly creeping forward im excited but anxious x


    Hi all, I have nit been told about ant pre op assessment!! I had my consultation with guy last Friday we talked about my eating habits, and guy recommended I have the band, we then went through the procedure of the op, I then went to see the dietician where pre and post op food was talked about. I then received a call giving me a date fir the op… Perhaps when I receive any paperwork it will mention a pre op assessment.



    Hi John pre op assessment is a common thing with any operation they just do a final check of Bp bloods mrsa swab etc nothing to worry about it is routine .


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    Hi John, my pre op was carried out by the hospital and organised by them rather than streamline and I was informed about it via a letter with all my admission/fasting instructions for the operation, it came direct from the hospital so I am sureyou will hear soon. I bet you’re counting down the days now.

    Nettie xx


    Super information and advice as usual! What would we do without this fabulous network of support?!

    Doodah x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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