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What exactly is the Milk Diet?

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    Hello ..
    Heaves, it’s taken me ages to learn how to enter a post!, . .. maybe i should change my name to

    I have just been accepted for surgery. Hence, I would like to know what exactly the Milk Diet is and why it is needed pre-op? Is there a link I could find it on?

    Many thanks, pollyanna

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Pollyanna, congrats on surgery acceptance – for bypass or band? Milk diet is one or two weeks (depending on what surgical staff advise) Pre-op, to shrink the liver in order to make the surgery easier. It is what it says on the can, drinking milk instead of meals plus one suger free jelly per day if wished and one oxo cube drink for salt and nutrients! Some places doing weight loss surgery do seem to offer different diets, but most people I have met have done the milk one. Best wishes. xx


    Hello ..
    thank you for replying. They mentioned the ‘milk diet’ and said they would send details nearer the time, but needles to say i am anxious and wanted to see the diet now!

    As for Bypass or Band. I am not sure and have to make a decision. I want to have the band due to the fact that i have other health issues but they say the band is more successful. I have just left a post asking for advice on this delema.

    Heavens, I am struggling with using the forum, never mind the diet!! hey ho.


    First welcome to the forum I am sure you will get the hang of it. I had my bypass at Chichester on the 23rd of March this year so tomorrow I will be 12 weeks post op and I have nearly lost 5 stones since I started the milk diet. The milk is either one or two weeks I think depending on your BMI, I did two weeks and I have a friend who is just waiting for her date for her bypass at Chichester whose BMI was less than mine and she has been told she only has to do it for a week. The reason you do it is to shrink the liver to help the surgeon and you with your op and recvery as you will lose weight with it as well. The milk diet is 4 pints of semi skimmed milk per day plus a sugar free jelly and a salty drink like oxo or bovril plus unlimited no sugar drinks like diet coke etc and sugar free squash.
    Hope that helps
    Elaine xx

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Pollyanna, I totally understand the need to ask questions now not just wait till you see the surgical team, and that is why this forum has been so useful for me, helps to understand more about the process now. I think the surgeon can advise best which op is more suitable for you, but my research meant I knew before I saw him that the band wasn’t for me, because my weakness is sugary food (chocolate, sweets etc) and that can slip through the band, so I am waiting for a date for the bypass. xx



    If you go onto You Tube, there are little videos made by our dieticians about the milk diet. Might be worth a look?

    Doodah x


    Hello, pollyanna!

    “Milk Diet” this is a wonderful diet which improves your skin and helps get rid of acne. During milk diet you not only lose excess weight, but also improving your health.


    Hi everyone! Im 8 days into my milk diet now and feeling better than i thought i would lol. In the begining was harder but its a little easier to handle at the moment. Im due to go to Chichester on the 5th Sept for my bypass op and have naturally had thoughts on wether im doing the right thing or not. Its there anyone out there that can give me some reassuring words lol.


    Hi Keli.

    As I’m typing this, I’m jet lagged from my first ever long haul flight for my holiday. Four years ago, before my bypass at Chichester with Shaw Somers, I couldn’t even get out of bed most days and was given about 3-5 years to live if I didn’t lose weight. This is how I know that you are doing exactly the right thing. My life has changed beyond everything I could have hoped for so be brave, get organised, trust the surgery and your team and then make time every day to share your journey with us as we will all be dying to hear about it!

    Doodah xx


    I’m due to start the milk diet in 14 days from today, milk is it semi skimmed ? I can handle milk I quite like it, other fluids like unlimited cups of tea, awesome, I am a bit put off by the salty drink though, I hate oxo bovril etc can handle marmite on my toast but to drink it just not too sure about that I’ll probably be sick after all that milk, the sugar free jelly I quite like the sound of too its just the salty drink I’m having a problem with, is there an alternative?

    So my 14 days pre op will consist of milk, tea without sugar I dont take sugar anyway so not a problem, a pint of sugar free jelly made up the night before to graze eat throughout the day, and one salty drink.

    Feeling very very excited can not wait to get started 😀


    Hi honey

    The salty drink is quite important really. Do you think you could manage hot Marmite? It’s actually just like soup and you may be surprised at how much you will look forward to it if you have it at the end of the day because it is savoury like a dinner! Don’t forget to sip water throughout the day too to avoid the dreaded constipation. I still keep little bottles of water around the house and always have one in my handbag!

    Milk should be semi skimmed. Decaf coffee is ok as are herbal teas. You can flavour your milk with any sugar free syrups. I will post the link here to the Bariatric Megastore – every wls person’s heaven. Also to Carol Ball’s excellent Bariatric cook books for fab post op recipes and guidance.. Two weeks is all it is. By sticking to it you will make your surgeon’s job so much easier with your much smaller liver 😉

    We are all here to help and support you. I even come on here for an hour on Christmas and Boxing day as I know how hard it can be! You are right to be excited – the first day of the pre op diet is the actual first day of your healtheir, happier life. Woo Hoo! I love it!

    Bariatrics megastore

    Return to Slender, the UK’s first bariatric cookery book | Bariatric Cookery

    Doodah x


    Thanks Doodah Sue xx


    Haha, ‘Doodah Sue’.

    I get called ‘Doodah’ at home with my immediate family because my little niece couldn’t say ‘Suzie’. It was so funny and we all laughed – it kind of stuck. She is 15 now and I think she may possibly stop calling me it soon (in public at least)…I will really miss it if she does.

    Doodah x


    aw that’s sweet 🙂


    I think so too xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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