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what do you get from the forum?

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    ruby tuesday

    Apart from questions answered and the fact that I have met some lovely people at support meetings via this forum, I have also been communicating with some of you on here. There have been many helpful things said, and today a pearl of wisdom which made me question my whole life really – so thanks to all who regularly post on here, your time is appreciated. x


    I sometimes get an answer before I even post a question because someone else has experienced what I am experiencing.
    I also find comfort in knowing that I have done something right without even realising. And at this difficult time in my life I have found real comfort from friends/buddies.
    Thank you for posting this.


    We have all changed our life and as my two fab FRIENDS have said above it is great to come on here and get really support from people who are experiencing or have exprienced exactly what you are going through, and suddenly you don’t feel like it is just you.

    I too have meet fabulous friends through the support groups which I have attended and never thought of myself as “A SUPPORT GROUP KIND OF PERSON” but they have been invaluable and I cannot urge any one storngly enough to go along and jsut listen if you want as I am sure that you will fnd yourself a fully integral part of that group supporting others without even knowing it.

    And yes I do get things answered because there is always someone with a pearl of wisdom or a word of comfort and support.

    Good luck to everyone whatever stage you are at, we are all such strong people who are making a difference to this world and the people around us in the most positive way. Just by coming on here you have already made that first step to making your life better.



    Oh my goodness where do I start?

    I also never considered myself to be a ‘support group type’ of person as, believe it or not, I’m a little bit shy! No honestly! I also have difficulty engaging my brain before I let my mouth work so can be a bit hard to take. The first support group I have ever attended was Renn’s first one at the Holiday Inn, Fareham. I have tried to attend every single one since and also started going to Buzz’s at Hayling. I now find I NEED to go and really look forward to seeing all my FRIENDS every time.

    I absolutely love the fact that I don’t need to explain myself, I’m never judged, I’m listened to and people care about me. I have made friends for life. I would now recommend support groups to anyone for any reason. We all have a common bond and want to help each other. Thier successes are evryone’s – we all share it. We also all share the bad times. I know I have thought about Irene constantly at this very sad time for her.

    So, in short, I have got from our support groups:

    Common bonds
    Support (derrr)
    Shared emotions
    Shared Successes
    Shared setbacks
    and last but not least, the feeling that I belong.

    Thanks to each and every one of you – you are all amazing xxxx

    Doodah xx


    What do we get from the forum a!!!!

    The love we need to love ourselves.
    The support we need to make it work.
    The encouragment and reminders to help us when we fall off the lorry.
    The laughs we need to keep us smiling.
    The genuine concern from poeple who really do care….

    No one of us is ever stronger than all of us…. its all about us…

    Too deep??? LMSAO….. sorry

    Buzz xxx

    miss missy

    because the only people that no wot ive done is my kids my best friend and 1 of my sisters i find this forum has helped me so much through my journey so far.sometimes i want to give advice but dont feel qualified enough yet cos half the time i dont know wot the hell im doing myself so dont feel i can give good advice to people but i love this forum and always get a feeling of support warmth and true understanding and freindship.your all truly amazing


    It’s so nice to be on a forum that doesn’t judge, a place where people understand what it’s like to be big, to have wls etc. WLS is a hugely challenging journey, and it means a lot to know that there is lots of support about. I don’t post much about my own problems, but I love to help others when I can. Feels like one big happy family on here…!



    Basically, this forum is sometimes helpful for me for solving some real life problems and taking some certain decision properly. I’m grateful to the owner of this forum and the members who participate in discussing a heavy matter.


    So glad you have found this forum helpful Pamela. Are you still thinking of a decision you have to make or have you made it? Is it concerning weight loss surgery? Let us know a bit about yourself so we can help you more x

    Doodah x

    sonia kidman

    Like Miss missy
    The only people who know I have had this done is my husband and the wonderful ladies who were in at the same time as me I am going to see my family for the first time since having my by-pass and I have to say I am worried but I will not tell them I have had the op just that I have worked hard to lose weight. Before I had mt op my mum and brother both said it was a cheats way out and as we all know that is not true.
    I have to say I don’t chat on here much,more read the advice but you have all helped me in so many way.
    A BIG BIG thank you to you all x

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Sonia, best wishes with telling your family, I told one of my sisters today who I knew would say it can be done naturally by going to the gym etc (she did say that!), but have decided not to tell my step-dad unless I have to due to seeming ill, have told one supportive older friend, and one who told me about weight-watchers, so have decided not to tell anyone else. Luckily having the forum meetings to attend means I can just talk to nice people who understand and not bother about the rest, and I have decided to stick to ‘by eating less and moving more’ as a explanation once the weight starts to come of and I am asked how I did it – it will be true after all!!


    I had my bypass 30 months ago
    and NOT told a single soul except for my hubby
    went ”home” to see my family after 10 years and a 13 st weight loss
    I was betond devestated!!!!!

    ruby tuesday

    Oh Still, so sorry, how absolutely rotten, must have been obvious too. x

    chubby girl

    For me this forum gives me answers to my never ending list of questions. And it gives me honesty which is sadly lacking from some other places. The forum helped me make the decision on what wls to have and I recommend it to others having surgery elsewhere!!!! Everyone on here is just so helpful and a big thank you to all who have messaged me.


    All the above for me. Support pre op with the anxiety and in the 7 weeks since. Particularly for me living out on a limb on a rock in the sea as there’s no support group and only my immediate family know about it which is how I want it so the forum is my first line support. Thank you Streamline!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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