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    Hi everyone,

    I have not had surgery and am still looing into it for myself. Im 53years old and weigh just under 16 stone, am 5’4″ tall. Diabetic type 2 with fibromyalgia.

    I am interested to hear what you can actaully eat now after surgery. I appreciate you may have had different surgery, but what do you find you can and cannot eat?



    Hi Megan

    You are right that different surgeries can require different diets so to speak.

    I have had a bypass and I can now eat almost anything I want to apart from rice. I’m a vegetarian so meat/fish doesn’t concern me.

    I can eat anything but it doesn’t mean I do! i give myself the odd treat at high days, holidays and weddings, parties etc. the same goes for alcohol. I have wine maybe 4 times a year. Alcohol can be problematic for bypassers as we get drunk very, very quickly! To the point that half a glass of wine can make you unfit to drive or operate machinery

    Bandsters can eat anything they want to but have to chew it for ages (same as bypassers really) however, some foods can be more difficult than others. I’m sure one of our lovely band members will tell you better than I can.

    Anyway, that’s me. Can eat very small portions of whatever I like. So long as 95% of the time I make sound nutritional choices, my weight remains constant.

    Hope that is helpful

    Doodah x



    Like Doodah I am also a bypasser, just over a year now. I can more or less eat what I want, apart from Steak and Roast meat. Slow cooked meats are fine though. I don’t have any issues with anything else including rice and pasta, but I do only eat Wholemeal pasta though, white might be a bit too stodgy. I also have to ensure I keep sugars under control as being a type 2 diabetic I don’t do so well if I don’t watch it. Don’t forget that although you may be told surgery will fix your Diabeties in reality all it does is change you from medication controlled to diet controlled, you will still be diabetic and will need to watch your sugar intake.



    I’m a bandster and I have a go at eating all sorts of things!!
    Some days things are easy, other days really hard! Bread is a huge issue for me and like Paul roast meats are hard too!!!
    Being sick is really not nice, I had my band fitted in October and I have only been sick a handful of times!!
    Very small portions of anything is the way forward but keeping it nutritional is a must!!! Although difficult sometimes!!!
    You may eat one thing one day and be fine then have the same thing a week later and really struggle. I try to have a go at everything, chew chew chew and hope for the best!!!
    I hope this helps



    Like paul and doodah, I am a bypasser a year post op. I try most things but avoid sugar like the plague. I don’t eat anything that contains a lot of refined sugar as it does make me dump. I also have reactive hypos so try as much as I can to balance my meals with plenty of protein and low GI carbs to avoid these horrid symptoms. I eat slow cooked meat and lots of fish and find that it’s still trial and error. If I plan to add something new into my diet I do it at home first, that way if anything happens I’m in a safe environment. Bread is fine in small quantities, the crustier the better and I eat gluten free pasta as the normal stuff swells and makes me sick!
    I drink a glass of wine or two at the weekend but no more as I get sloshed very easily! My partner loves it as I am a very cheap date these days….both food and drink wise!
    I am trying to increase my calories at the moment as I am still losing weight and am a little smaller now than my dietician is happy with, however I am happy and healthy and that is the most important thing.
    If I started to gain again, the wine would be the first thing to go… is empty calories after all!
    Everyone is very different but you will find that you will settle into a routine and it becomes easier the further down the line you are.
    I absolutely LOVE my bypass. It is my best friend. I am never hungry which is amazing and I am no longer a slave to the fridge. Food is mere fuel these days and that suits me just fine!!
    Good luck with any decisions you make. Everyone on here will be there to support you on your journey
    Katy x


    Thanks everyone for taking the time to give all this excellent advice and support.

    I hope you find it helpful too Megan. You are doing the right thing in researching everything to within an inch of it’s life! It’s not a choice to make lightly especially as, in bariatric terms, you are somewhat of a ‘lightweight’ at 16st and a BMI of approx 38.4.

    We are all here to help you so if you want to know anything just ask. not many of us on here are shy!!

    Doodah x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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