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    Has anyone had their op at Guildford? I have seen and heard an awfull lot about Chichester, but nothing about Guildford.

    I worry that the nursing staff are not specialised in bariatric surgery?

    And also if anyone is in the Guildford area I would love to talk about experiences.

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Charabanc

    Just want to put your mind at rest regarding Guildford. All the team there are trained to the highest possible standard as you would expect from Streamline Surgical. It is highly regarded within the bariatric community by patients and staff alike. You will be in the very safest of hands if you choose to have weight loss surgery there.

    I’m sure past patients from Guildford will be along soon to tell you exactly the same thing! Chichester has a higher profile because it is featured on the television, however, all Streamline Surgical’s hospitals are of equal standard in both clinical and after care.

    Sally Bailey.



    I had my Gastric Band op at Guildford with Chris Pring last Friday (24th Feb) and was very happy with the services at Guildford.

    The staff were lovely, hospital gown amply sized and the nurse that walked me to theatre was both supportive, understanding and very calming.

    I live near Staines and would be happy to talk to you. I am in the first week, recovering at home, but could give you a little insight into my experience if you would like ?




    I had my gastric bypass at Nuffield Guildford in January 2011 by Mr Slater, I can assure you I had first class care there, the staff were lovely and reassuring every step of the way to the operation and the after care was second to none. I am still attending the hospital for my regular up-dates with the dietician and I always look forward to going as I know I will be treated well. I live in the Epsom area (Ashtead) if you want to have a chat.
    All the best for your op




    I had my consultation with the amazing mr guy slater at guildford….. And op
    At harrow by mr slater…

    Girl you are in the safest hands and country possible… And I paid for the service and took two years research into WLS….. No regrets love life and everyone init…..

    Love John cxx


    Hi there
    I’m now nine weeks post op from Guildford and I couldn’t ask for better help from the minute I walked through the door for my pre op two weeks before the op and on going.

    As far as equipment and specialist care goes speaking to some of the nurses they said they had some equipment that other so called specialist locations have not got!!

    Could not fault them at all!!

    I had bypass with Chris Pring and have lost in the region of four stone already !! Boom bring on the good times

    Dan from Hook Hampshire


    I’ve heard nothing but excellent reports from Guilford. It’s a great hospital in a really easy-to-get-to location (I’ve been there for seminars.) All the staff are tip top as you would expect from Strteamline 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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