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Weight lost already in 3 days pre op!! :O :D

Home » Topics » Surgical Journey » Pre- Weight Loss Surgery » The Pre-op Liver Shrinkage or Milk Diet » Weight lost already in 3 days pre op!! :O :D

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    Hi guys I just had to come on and write something because I’m so excited. I’m on day 3 of my liquid pre op diet. And I have to say I havent been hungry just having a hard time with the mental hunger!
    So anyway my mam was trying to cheer me up a bit so took me out and she suggested why don’t we weigh me for the laugh to see if I’ve lost anything! So I reluctantly agreed!
    I’ve lost 11 POUNDS in 3 days!!!! :O omg!! haha that’s the most I’ve ever lost so I’m no longer 23stone 7 😀 woo I’m in the 22’s again!
    I’m so happy now because I had a fear that I wouldn’t be happy and be motivated to lose more weight after surgery but now I know I will be! I went from having no energy and been completely depressed to jumping off the scales and screaming in delight haha (got some weird looks of all the skinny peeps) 😛 I know 11 pounds isn’t much but it’s HUGE for me! plus I’ve already hit my target weightless pre surgery that my surgeon wants!! woo! roll on the next 11 days I cant wait to be weighed again! never thought I’d be saying that!
    Lily x 🙂


    well done Lily
    it becomes addictive
    losing weight!!!
    you have at least a year post op
    diet excersize and really make the most of it
    as weight loss slows or stops after that
    I am sooo proud of you
    11lbs is huge huge huge in only 3 days
    way 2 go darling girl
    godbless xxx


    Wow that is fab . Can’t wait for my turn !

    Keep going !

    Katherine . X

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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