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Weight loss stopped after bypass ( why? )

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    :Cry:Hi everybody, I’m rather worried as I feel I am eating more than the girls that had the bypass the same time as me who can’t eat anywhere near as much as me and I’m able to eat more or less anything and am confused as there are people on this forum a year or more into there bypass who still can’t eat meat etc and I can eat any meat. I had my bypass on October 23rd 2013 which makes me 12 weeks post op, I have lost 4 n half stone so far but it’s not budging and hasn’t done for two weeks.
    I am going to the gym and swimming but I have a back condition so have to take things steady due to the pain I’m in, I also have a leaking heart valve and suffer with arthritis in my feet, so the fat turning into muscle isn’t an issue as yet as I’ve not been doing it long enough.
    My surgeon found 3 hernias when he done my op and repaired the stomach one but I have to go back at the end of this year to have to other 2 repaired and to have my gall bladder removed.
    Basically what I am asking is……. Why have I stopped losing weight? How come I am able to eat things others cannot and how come I eat a lot more than others who have had the operation? I do eat healthy, but I am getting really disheartened with not losing weight. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME AND IF ANYBODY IS EXPERIENCING THE SAME AS ME PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.



    The simple answer is that if after only 12 weeks you can eat what you like then you have rushed it, at 12 weeks you should be just starting to eat normal foods. How big is your dinner plate, how big are your portions.

    Have a good read of all the information you where given by your team on portion size post surgery. At 12 weeks you should still be on little more than a ramekin size dish for portion control and never more than a saucer, yes its supposed to be that small. If you rush it your pouch will stretch or even worse split.

    As for eating meat, some can but most have issues and end up going vegetarian. In the early days I couldn’t but then went onto slow cooked, but I couldn’t eat a bit of steak even now and I am two years out.

    Go back to your team and ask their advice and even ask for your next appointment to be brought forward if necessary to get help, before its too late

    But well done on the 4 stones lost though.



    Almost exactly what I have said on your other thread!

    In addition though, your body might simply need a rest after all the hard work it has been doing for you!

    Contact your team to hear what they have to say. Have a good weekend.

    Doodah x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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