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Weight loss so far…

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    Hello guys just wanted to shout it from the rooftops that I’ve lost another 10lbs since surgery last sat, that 25 lbs in total since the start of milk diet! The trousers I wanted to wear to a christening on Sunday are hanging!!!!! Sorry to brag lol but i know you all know how good it feels to be able to say things like that after 10 years of being miserable!!! Xx

    ruby tuesday

    You clever, clever girl!! Amazing weight loss, and ooh I remember from last time I was going down in sizes the pure joy of clothes being too big! Out you go for a new stunning christening outfit, go, go! You are going to be looking great! xx


    Thanks ruby!!! I feel amazing today, by far the best decision i ever made! Xx


    How did the Christening go Madge? Did you get a new outfit?

    Doodah xx


    good isnt it!


    Sorry for the late reply I haven’t been on for ages! Christening went well and I felt comfortable.. Better than that I’ve now lost 37 lbs in total and get to wear a gorgeous dress for a wedding next weekend!! Xx

    ruby tuesday

    You are doing so well, and I am thrilled for you. Enjoy looking beautiful at the wedding, and feel very proud of yourself. best wishes, Ruby xx


    Wow Madge thats amazing. Well done you. People will really notice at the wedding. Make sure we see the photos. We love reading and seeing about the loss.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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