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Waiting Lists at St Richards…..

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    I have got my appointment to see Guy or Shaw on the 19th November. Which is about four weeks on Friday. Whoop Whoop…….. I have heard that St Richards have got a waiting list of about a year to eighteen months. So, I am wandering will I be told on that day when I am coming in. Whether or not it will be two or three weeks or three or four months. As I thought I was going to be told there and then. On that day, when I will be coming in for the operation.


    Hi Helen
    I do not think you are told date there and then but contacted with a date later. But ask the waiting list time when you are there they should know roughly. It is worth the wait xx Good luck xx


    Hi Helen

    I’m pretty sure once you are on the list, the waiting time is only around 18 weeks max… I know St R’s close their list if they are not able to fit anyone in within that sort of timescale… When you go, ask them then, they probably won’t be able to give you your date there and then, but they should be able to give you a rough idea.

    Best of luck


    Good Luck Helen

    I had my op on 5th Nov last year and I’d had to wait 17 months from my original referral but things seemed to have improved a lot since then with someone I know recently going through the whole process in a very short time. Hope all goes well for you xxx


    Claire is right, oce you have seen the specialist it is normally within a certain time scale 3-4 months….max. Unless mediacal reasons cuase a delay of course…..
    If you know what you want and what you doing you can sign on the day and not have a 2 week think it over spell…. Saves two weeks if you ask me….
    I signed on the day……. as nieve as I was ( didnt have a support group like thi sbefore I had my op) I was convinced if ever I was going to get healthy I needed surgical help…. then thats me…

    Sure it wont be long now, the struggling part to get approved is over….. your in line…. queing like a true brit does, it will be your turn soon…

    Buzz xx


    The wait used to be about 15 months! But I believe they are now much much quicker – within 3-4 months…



    Thanks very much. I went to my GP back at the end of April and asked about Bariactric Operation. I hadn’t heard anything. So I dropped my GP a quick letter, to hase it up. As I didnt know whetheror not I had the funding etc. Since my GP wrote to the PCT and chased it up. It has all gone from there, got the funding, the paper work with the five day diet thing etc and got th date for the consultation etc……

    I had heard along the grapvine that there was a lengthy wait for the operation at St Richards etc. Thats why I asked.

    I am luckier enough to work at St Richards and see the wrok they (Shaw and Guy) do. It is amazing (but don’t tell’em I said that, only makes the Consultants/Doctors heads bigger :biggrin1::biggrin1: )


    I waited less than 3 months… had my op beginning of Sept, so very quick for me. x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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