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    Hey guys…I am almost two months out from my surgery (it was July 18th). I seem to be having a lot of difficulty & am not sure how to overcome. Can anyone please help me??
    I cannot seem to get enough water/fluid in my system, so I am constantly dehydrated. So much so that I have no feeling from the waist down. My legs and lower abdomen are completely numb. I have also been told that my potassium is very low. I have been nauseous EVERY SINGLE DAY since my surgery & nothing I do seems to help. I know I’m not getting enough vitamins & nutrients, but I am doing the best I can. I am lethargic & constantly fatigued. Also, there are times where I throw up in the mornings, when all I’ve had was a sip of water or two to take a pill (& no, I’m not pregnant…LOL). I don’t know what could be causing this. I have talked to my doctor and they said everything “seems normal”. Someone please help me.


    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks to all!


    Have you spoken to your surgical team or your GP Marti? I think that you need an appointment to see your specialist, were you band or bypass?

    Nettie xx


    I think Nettie is right speak to your surgical team. Sure others on here will have some good advice too.


    Talk to your surgical team. I’m two weeks post op (band) and have been fine but today I was sick on a petrol forecourt, my fault o fancied some cut chicken only four slices in the pack but I did not chew enough and after the third bite I could not get it down, I walked around the car a few tomes trying to work it down but wallop up it come I ws so embarrassed Lol. Roughy me a lesson and I haven’t hady first fill yet.

    John xx


    Hi Marti,

    I would also suggest calling your surgical team , I am 6 wk post bypass struggled at first with fluid but ok now and have nit got any similar symptoms ( of course we all heal and recover at different rates depending on pre existing conditions etc ) but if you are worried call your hosp , I called mine to ask advice and they were very happy to help me .

    If in doubt ask

    Katherine . X

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    Hi Marti.

    I really think you should call your clinical/surgical team. Where did you have your op and was it band or bypass?

    Hope you manage to get some help. Please let us know.

    Doodah x


    How did you get on Marti ?

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    How are things Marti?

    Doodah x


    Hey all…thank you for all your advice & encouragement. I had the bypass surgery in July. I am still having a lot of issues. I have called my surgical team & have an appointment next week. But they didn’t seem too concerned. I don’t know what to expect or do about my concerns.

    ruby tuesday

    Glad you have come back to this post, please tell us where your op was done, and where you are based, and was the op done through Streamline? It is important to include that info, hard to offer suggestions without knowing where you are.

    I am glad you have an appointment next week. I find it hard to believe anyone could fail to be concerned to hear you say you have no feeling in your legs, which clearly indicates a problem, whether due to the surgery or not. Are you able to walk, dress yourself etc. if that is the case?

    I do sympathise very much, constant nausea and vomiting is horrible and as you say, makes it so hard to get your fluid in. Are you taking an anti-acid tablet, because I was prescribed these when nauseaus, in order to deal with inflamation, and there is also nausea medication which can be bought over the counter, or prescribed by your GP.

    If not, please go back to your GP before the sugical appointment, and ask for some prescription for the nausea. I do not know if you are in the UK, but there are some good travel tablets that do not cause tiredness that can be safely taken, so the GP will easily be able to find something even if you are on other medication.
    It may be the case that your pouch inlet is too tight, and needs stretching, but hopefully the surgeon will resolve this for you.

    Please let us know how things go on for you, and I am sorry not to be of more help. xx

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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