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Vomiting and Nausea

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    Hi, hope you start to feel better soon. 1 month on is still early days. Stay with it, Im sure things will improve xx


    1 month is very early days
    I could nt eat any solid foods whatsoever for almost 23 weeks (almost 6 months)
    but I know someone who could drink and eat 5 days after bypass OMG!!!
    we are all different-its never does any harm to speak to hospital but we all go at our own bodys demands and pace
    there are times you will regret this and feel pretty losw and constantly tired-but mood id DIRECTLY linked to foood intake so perhaps you will feel better as you begin to tolerate more foods without being sick
    wishing you well on your journey
    It truely is the hardest thing I have ever done xxxx

    Ms Ellie

    Hoping all is better for you now pinks xxxxx

    pink lady

    yes thank you i am eating fruit and veg and alot more variety.Just finished my 1st week at work. sorted out work now it was all a bit of a mess. So excited about 6th decemer i’ll be exactly 2 months post op. love you all pinks. XXXXXXXXXXX

    Ms Ellie

    @pink lady 10484 wrote:

    yes thank you i am eating fruit and veg and alot more variety.Just finished my 1st week at work. sorted out work now it was all a bit of a mess. So excited about 6th decemer i’ll be exactly 2 months post op. love you all pinks. XXXXXXXXXXX

    Lovely jubbly looking forward to seeing you to much love xxxx


    Over the last three or four days, I have been feeling queasy and weak. I am eating okay and drinking okay. My legs feel weak. Inside I feel sore and tender. Generally just flop.



    Expect you might be overdoing it a little Helen.
    Your recovering from major surgery and all the medication in your system will be wearing out….

    If your worried please phone streamline.
    Their is a fine line here and exhaustion can and will be present coonsidering the change of foods and quantities….
    Our bodies rebel occasioanlly, and need time to recover… Externally I expect noone would notice and the wounds look pretty superficial… Inside it is a lot more complicated…

    Vitamins are important right now too… takes a little time for them to really take hold… miss them for a few days and you probabaly wont notice, miss them for a few days over a week and you might….

    Buzz xxx


    Last night I vomitted as well. Which is the first time I have vomitted since the operation. I think I have over done it. I am taking my multi-vitamin every morning with my breakfast. I have been doing so well until now. 🙂 But now hit me with a big BANG!!!!. I knew it was to good to last!!! Hee Hee.

    I feel slight better today but generally flop and weak.

    Thanks a lot Buzz


    i’ve very unwell this evening. Been vomiting from 7:30pm until 10:30pm. Been producing so much saliva, its unbelievable. I’ve been shivering like crazy. Cannot get warm. Generally feel weak, rough, flop & basically YUCK.

    Am planning to phone the Bariatric nurses in the morning. Have called NHS Direct. They will ring back sometime in the next twelve hours……… Ho-hum


    Snap I have been a bit like that too since yesterday evening too. Just feeling sick really.

    The saliva sounds like dumping – what did you eat in the few hours up till then??

    Hope you feeling better now, I got up and had a small milky drink as I thought that might help a little and I think it has a little, been up for a couple of hours as tired but unable to sleep and going back to bed soon for another rest and hopefully dose off for a while.

    Take care and I am sure one of the experienced losers will be a long soon to with words of advice.

    Feel better soon – anyone that says this is the easy option sure doesn’t know anything about it do they??? I think I may be compelled to punch someone for the first time in my life if anyone says that to me at some point :-))


    Dumping and frothing for the first time by the sounds Helen.
    Has anything caused your pouch to disagree? Eaten something new…. happened to me the first time with coated chicken, to dry to fast and too much….. Frothing is when you just keep raising spittle, the cold and the shakes are all part of it. not quite dumping but very close..
    I was frothing on everything for about a weeke afterwards because I expect I had made the pouch very tender, I suggest you go back onto foods you have been safe with today just to stay hydrated… soups and youghurt or the likes, Your pouch will be tender for a few days….poor you. 🙁
    Phone the team in any case , nothing more reassuring than speaking to a proffesional…. sip sip sip and use a tea spoon until you feel more comfortable…

    Take care

    Buzz x


    i had some cottage cheese, two mini plum tomatoes (they are like cherry tomatoes but look like plum tomatoes, cannot remember their correct name) and a very small bit of chicken breast (about a fifth of a chicken breast). I’ve eaten cottage cheese & tomato fine. With tomato just cannot eat to many of them, thats why i got the small ones. It was definally the chicken. As it was very very painful going down. Even though i was chew-chew-chew-chew-chew and chewing the chicken. It was that which had disagreed with me.

    With all the saliva I was producing last night. All my lips & mouth are raw & sore. Have been putting on Vitamin E instense cream, Aloe Vera cream. To help it. Have got some vaseltine lip care aswell.

    This morning I just feel weak & drained. My pouch feels sore. Well it feels sore from my lips all the way down to my pouch. Which you expected this morning. Will give the Bariatric Girlies a ring later on for a chat.

    I’m defiantly going back to eating my yoghurts, soup, baked beans!!!


    I have spoken to one of the Bariatric nurses and she said it was a bad case of ‘Dumping’. Today, I just feel so tired and worn-out and shattered. Weak and drained.


    dumping for the 1st time
    its a real shocker isn;t it
    take it easy Helen
    gosh how I miss my dumping
    keeps you on the straight and narrow
    dont get it now at 26months post op!


    Hi everyone.

    Sorry to hear of your bad experience, i have had similar a few times now and have been put on Omerprazole tablets and they have
    really helped, maybe you could try them?
    Anyway hope this does not happen too often!
    Jacquie x

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 170 total)
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