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Vomiting and Nausea

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    hi phoenix ,martyn here im having the same problem,im vomiting after almost everything i eat except cereals,its driving me mad,i guess im eating all the wrong things,i hope your well apart from vomiting n hope to speak to u soon .take care .M


    Hi everyone.

    I had my bypass 22/9 so 3 weeks in now. Fantastic post op weight loss of 18 lbs.

    I’m still on pureed food but apart from problems early on managing the required protein intake (mainly due to intolerance of anything even looking like a milk product) I am now coping with several small meals of animal proteins. M&S tinned minced beef was my saviour.

    However, what I can’t overcome is a feeling of light headedness. I can’t even walk down the road as I feel i’m going to pass out or fall over. I am ok in the car but as soon as I get out to walk it comes over me again. I’m very wobbly.

    I had high blood pressure all the time I was in hospital and my GP has increased my medication while things settle down but i’m not convinced it’s helping. Someone said it could be down to the shock to the body bearing in mind what I used to put into it. Also suggeted is that it’s the rapid weight loss.

    I’d love to know if anyone else has experienced this and what they did about it. How long does it last? PLEASE!!!

    Laetitia xxx

    Has anyone else had this problem?


    I did feel light headed for the first couple of weeks. I had to change my routine around as I couldnt get out of bed have a shower and get dressed as I would want to pass out in the shower. I did have similar light headed spells when I did lighterlife (very low calorie liquid diet). What I found is that I was light headed due to dehydration and have to up my liquids. As soon as I havent drunk for a while, I felt slightly dizzy. When I have looked at other forums, and I have looked at loads! They all seem to mention feeling light headed can be a result of dehydration. Its amazing how much you need to drink! xx


    Sorry to hear you are struggling with lightheadedness. I have had this since my surgery (almost 7 1/2 months out now) and it is sadly no better, some days I spend the day feeling like I am drunk as I wobble all over the place…. However, I have other problems as well which isn’t helping.

    Many things can cause it through less food, the surgery, your body adjusting to the rapid weight loss/low calorie intake etc.

    I drink loads (2.5 litres minimum per day) and it has done nothing to help my lightheadedness, but drinking enough can certainly be a contributing factor.

    Perhaps speak to the team for a little support and advice…



    Hi Laetitia
    I am sorry to hear of your problem Do you ever check your blood pressure at home?
    If you do what is it feel free to personal message it to me what results you are getting in am, lunchtime and pm. Good blood pressure is 140/90 or below. If you do not have a BP machine at home you can get BP checked in lots of chemists like Lloyds – or buy a machine for 10.00 in some places.
    If your GP has increased your BP medications has he checked it again since? Fluid intake as everyone says can also cause this effect, so can standing in one place too long or standing up quickly. Your body has been through a lot and recovery takes time. I am lucky I have only has this
    twice and both times I had not eaten for several hours and had not drunk enough I am sure. I am off my BP medications now as BP returned to normal limits.
    I hope this happens to you soon. But let us know.
    Take care xx :kiss:


    Thanks for that Brains I don’t know how to do a personal message though.

    I haven’t got a BP machine but think it could be a good investment. Is a cuff one as good as an arm one do you know?

    While in hospital my BP was consistently high, ranging from 182-223 over 86-113. The hospital told me to see my GP when I got home and then it was 185 over 95. The nurse took it on 11th and it was 172 over 90,.

    I spoke to Stacey today and she wonders whether th medication is going straight through me so has suggested I eat before I take it. I think this could be the problem and am going to try it tonight.

    I do have a problem finding enough “windows” in the day for drinking 2l of fluid. Any tips for that?

    Thanks again so much xx


    I am amazd that you manage to drink that quantity Petal. How do you do it?.

    That is just how I feel, sort of drunk. I can’t trust myself to go outside on my own. Worried about becoming agorophobic!

    I am seeing the team next Wednesday so yes I will raise it then.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to reply



    Just how i feel in the morning, I dread the shower!

    Thanks I willtry harder to drink more. It’s just so difficult isn’t it.



    HI Laetitia

    I think BP machine worth investment but look for a bargin Lloyds chemist have one about 10 pds. Your readings are high and it definitely could be the medication as part of the cause but the BP could also be part of the cause. I have no tips on drinking enough fluids I am sorry to say. My daughter has to remind me constantly and I go nowhere without a bottle of water!! If you came to my house I am always with a glass of squash near me! My favourite at mo is half fresh orange and half water. I tried just fresh orange yesterday lunchtime and know about it this am. My tummy does not approve!!
    I know you are seeing your team next week but a trip to GP to discuss how you are may be also worth it. They may try changing your medication as it could possibly be a side effect.
    To send a peronal message click PRIVATEMESSAGE which is next to NEWPOSTS – then click – NEW hopefully I have told you correctly. If not someone will correct me I am sure.
    I hope you have a great weekend and feel better soon. As a bonus as your weight decreases so will your BP. xx :grouphug:

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there Laetitia I sometimes feel lightheaded especially if I have been sitting for a while I have always put this down to me taking diuretics (water tablets) it passes very quickly. I have had this before my op and on occassions after my op. I do not suffer with high/low blood pressure take care hope it gets sorted soon much love Ellie xxxx


    Hi all, i had my bypass on sat 9th october and i felt great for the first few days. Then it seem all my energy has been completely drained some morning i cant get out of bed……… im trying hard to get loads of water down and eat the right things not really sure if im eating enough… eating readybrek or weetabix for breakfast…. soup for lunch… fish pie or shepherds pie for dinner… i think im eating ok any tips????? oh im all so having 2 snacks usually i cream cracker with either cottage cheese or smooth peanut butter……:grouphug::grouphug:


    Hi Mil_leigh
    Sounds to me that your food is OK. Maybe it is just your body telling you to rest, it is major surgery and your body will be using
    all its reserves for healing, as well as going into starvation mode. Hope you feel better soon, remember you are very early days. X
    But if really concerned ring the team or see your GP and remember sometimes we expect too much of ourselves xx

    pink lady

    I feel rubbish almost wish I’d never had it done. I am being sick. Couldn’t cope with puree made me very sick. Can’t keep any vegtables down. Not sure i am eating enough. Back to work monday looking forward to it. Although I am scared I will over eat or forget to eat at all. Keep trying to drink more but I am drinking about a litre a day. Think I may call hospital on Monday just don’t feel quite right. I feel well but not sure I am eating or drinking enough. Although if I eat or drink anymore I am sick. Glad I can eat crisp bread now it is my saviour with peanut butter. I am also constipated and although I go most days it never feels empty. And I’ve had diarroh too. Love and hugs Pinks. X


    Hi Pinks

    Sorry your still feeling poorly. Its best to eat very little several times a day. Good idea to ring hospital and have a chat. Hope your feeling better soon. Take things easy at work xx


    Hi Pinks huney,

    Sorry to hear your not doing so well.
    Staying hydrated it very important as is trying to get some foods in. Surely their is something at the soft stage you can manage? Something that does not disagree.
    It is important to make a call if you feel things are not right, sometimes its just a question of being reassured and given a little advice….

    Cheese spreads as apoosed to peanut butter will also give you protien.
    The first two months are probably the worst for trying to understand what you accept and what you wont…

    Contipation…. need more water…. as much as you can manage and then a litle more. it is natures cure.
    Dioreha… is very common and you will probably find you becomme loose more often than not…

    Wind….. a very funny side of WLS…. lots and lots of methayne….

    Protien shakes might help if you can manage them….

    Otherwise sweetheart make a call… its not supposed to be like this…. its better than your experiencing…

    Take Care

    Buzz xx

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 170 total)
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