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Vomiting and Nausea

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    Ms Ellie

    How you feeling Huni????


    Horrible isn’t it Solucky!

    I tried a sip of champagne when I was out with the team in Poland in December – it was the ex-pats’ xmas do and silly me thought one sip won’t hurt! Boy was I wrong :spit: It really hurt and ended up in my napkin :yuck: Won’t be trying any fizz again in a hurry!

    How have you been today Precious? :hug:



    hi precious
    dont be to worried as you will just get anxious every time you eat i hardly was actualy sick but i had the sick feeling like a hangover without the fun alot at the befinning which realy got me down,be strong you helped me by welcoming me so i hope ypu get some comfort ,it will get better truly .i wore a size 16 dress today i was a size 28 and thats just a year you have all that to look forward to big irish squezzy huggggggggg


    Claire, I did laugh thinking about the napkin, I wish my hanky had been that big!! Don’t think I’ll be having champagne or any sparkling wine, which is a shame as I love sparkling rose. xx



    How wonderful you must be feeling wearing a 16 dress, that’s some wieght loss. xx


    Precious- sorry you are not doing too well. I can’t offer any advice as I have not been there yet. I did hear some people at my support group saying they were having prolems with the after effect of eating. However I did not hear any solutions.
    On a lighter side I don’t know how I will cope with the chewing as I have false top teeth and they keep falling out. I will have to get some glue.
    My sister was once in hospital, She was very ill. Anyhow we were sat with her in a side room and all of a sudden these false teeth came whizzing through the door and landed on the beside table. My poor sister could not stop laughing and her stitches were hurting. This man walked calmly through the door and snatched his teeth off the table and walked out. You could not make it up.

    Take care:becky:
    Lindy Loo


    Ooh Lindy Loo did I just have a great laugh re the false teeth whizzing throu the air ……..

    Thats what I love about this forum

    take care xxx


    I love the stories, when you feel down reading these posts certainly makes you grin. I wish I had a few to tell myself but haven’t as yet.
    Keep them coming!


    Morning everyone, thanks for all your lovely comments, some did make me chuckle!

    Yesterday was a better day, hubby made me some homemade chicken soup with lentils all liquidised, it tasted just like Heinz cream of chicken soup, he loved it …. I had 4 or 5 teaspoons and thats all I could manage, I wasn’t to keen on it. But I did have 2 or 3 bites of chicken and although I frothed after (just the once) and I wanted to bring it back up, I sat up nice and straight and was taking nice deep breaths concentrating on keeping it down and it did stay down. My son asked me if I was meditating at the dinner table because I was putting my knife and fork down and really concentrating on eating, and breathing calmly, in through the nose, out through the mouth (like being in labour lol) But it worked, yay :clap2: I think my mind says, its easier to bring it up and I just do, but I was determined not to be sick yesterday and I kept it down, and I had some melon too which was lovely. Thanks claire …. it really worked, when I finished my dinner hubby give me a big hug and kiss :kiss: and said, he was so proud of me, and my boy who is 14 looked at us both and said …. ‘I think everyones loosing there mind in this house’ :crazy: …… he doesn’t know I have had a bypass he thinks I just had to have a hernia op, just like everyone else does!

    Also, for breakfast today I had 2 ryvitas with sardines on, it took me approximately 45 mins to eat them, and they have stayed down fine and I don’t feel sick, so maybe, just maybe things may improve from here :pray: So thanks again everyone for your support, I am thinking positive now …. hopefully a good weekend ahead. Slowly but surely .!

    On a plus note, today I weighed myself and I have lost 3 stone since January, it feels great! I lost 1 stone 5lb before my op, My bypass was 7th June and I have lost a total of 1 stone 9lbs since, so the weight is coming of!

    thank you again xx precious xx


    Hi Minnie mouse head,
    Glad to hear you have managed to keep something down….
    They fix our inards not our heads lol… I suppose the head is much harder…
    Becomming more confident with food is a good thing, worrying that everything will make you sick is not good….
    So now you know you can, keep the same momntum and start enjoying what is going to be a great journey…

    Well done on the weight loss too…expect some miracles in that department, your wildest dreams are going to become a reality….

    Have a great weekend, be confident with food.
    Enjoy the mad house…….. lmao

    Buzz xxx


    Precious I am so pleased for you. Great news your managing to eat. Enjoy your weekend xx ๐Ÿ™‚


    :cheer2: Precious, that’s great to hear honey. I’m so pleased. Slowly but surely is the best way. It takes a long while to adjust to eating that slowly – even now, nearly 8 months out, I still have the odd occasion that I get distracted and have problems by either eating too quickly or not chewing enough, but these occasions are fewer and farther between.

    Hope things continue improving for you sweetie.



    You must be so relieved, Precious. Good job!
    Worrying about being able to eat always makes it so much harder.
    Keep it up, and let us know which foods are working for you.



    Thanks again everyone. Day 4 of not being sick, but things have changed, instead of feeling sick half hour after food, I now start to feel sick after a couple of mouthfuls :drama: but its ok because I am doing my slow eating knife & fork down between mouthfuls (cos Claire said :)) … and I am doing my breathing …. or meditating as my son calls it! Then after 5 mins it passes and I manage to eat a little more. No actual vomiting for 4 days yay !!!!!!!!

    My dietician called me this evening to see how I was and told me something …. she said that her patients that were big eaters before surgery are more likely to manage to eat more after surgery, than someone who ate smaller meals and grazed before surgery. I have never eaten big meals, and I have always grazed! and I can’t eat much now …. ! Considering we are all meant to end up with a pouch the size of an egg, the mind boggles!

    Thats my update for now, xxx Precious xxx


    ๐Ÿ˜† you’re making it sound like you’re following orders hun! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad it’s working though! xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 170 total)
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