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Vomiting and Nausea

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    seriously-from reading what you have written
    I think you are eating too many solid type foods
    at only 6 weeks post op that is way too soon
    it is hard
    but keep on trying
    good luck on your journey


    hi guys, hope i am in the right area ! i had my op 5 weeks ago and have been “dipping” in and out of these pages and have finally registered! you all seem to help each other. Maybe you can help me too on this journey! i am not really used to these forum things but couldnt resist after reading Buzz’s comments and helpful advice to JR. I too have been having all sorts of trouble with foods not agreeing with me and i thought i was alone. sooooooo glad (in the nicest way!) that i am not. I am fine with yoghurt and soup but today had smooth sugar free peanut butter on crispy thin toast and had to lie down for an hour afterwards and totally knackered most of the time! I guess it all takes time. running before walking etc keep up the good work


    Hello Kitty..sure their is a marketing ploy with that one….lol.
    So glad you decided to jump on in, its never enough just dipping your toes when you realise the others are having sooo much fun.
    5 weeks out a!!!!. Still such early days.

    It was week 7 or 8 before I actually started to feel anything like normal and shake the tiredness, breads for me took much much longer, they congielled up and pretty much stuck, i cant imagine what it must be like adding sticky peanut butter lol…

    Ryvita’s and the like are sooo much easier, it breaks down a lot better when your eating it and does not solidify in your pouch, perhaps try them or french toast for a bit… will help make you regular too….

    It takes months for your insides to heal, please be careful.
    Im not saying give it up forever hun, just for another week or two…. carbs like bread are really not so good for you yet.

    Nag, over…

    Otherwise you little twinkle, how about an introduction post so we get to know you?
    Your be an addict to this place just like the rest of us in no time at all, just dont get frustrated if you dont get answers straight away……

    Glad to see you posting…

    Congratulations on joining in, jumping in as you did…. SPLASH…

    Take care and best of luck…

    Buzz (Andy) xx


    hi everyone, just wondered if this has happened to anyone else at all.
    I am almost 5 weeks post bypass and suddenly can’t keep anything down. Even a few sips of water results in chest pains and vomiting. You can imagine that, particularly in this hot weather, I am very dehydrated, with zero energy. I spoke to Chris Pring this morning and he says it sounds as though I have a stricture, which is where scar tissue grows over the hole at the bottom of the pouch, so nothing can get through and I’ll have to have a “dilation”, back at St Richards.
    I’m waiting for the call now. Chris said this is the most common post-bypass complication, but I had never heard of it and wondered if anyone else has been through this.
    Feeling pretty scared and miserable.


    I thought I had this a while ago, couldn’t keep much down, kept vomiting and had a lot of pain. Had a gastroscopy but didn’t need a dilation. I still have lots of pain, and vomit from time to time, but I am just peservering with it – but yours sounds more serious than mine. It is quite a common problem and quite easy to sort out – they take a look down using an endoscope and if you need a dilation/stretch they put a little balloon down. Ask for sedation though!! As you are not keeping water down, hopefully you will be seen ASAP (like today!) otherwise you might need to go onto a drip to stay hydrated.

    Good luck, hope you get sorted soon. Try not to feel scared, this does happen and they are well used to sorting it out.



    Thanks SJ. Good to know I’m not alone.


    Thinking of you, hope you get sorted soon. :hug: xxxxx


    I hope everthing goes alright for you. I have had the camera down my throat and it was okay.
    Lindy Loo


    Hope they get you sorted quickly, no fun when your in pain and feel rough. x


    Hi Singsmall

    I am sorry to hear your poorly. Sure they will get you sorted very soon. Do let us know how you get on. I am day four after bypass last Thursday and doing really well at mo. But feel for you.
    take care
    Brains xxxxxx


    Hi Singing you poorly thing,
    I was frothing like a loon between week 5-7, brought on by trying something I shouldnt have….
    I was worried I had done damage but allas no….. A good few days back on sloppies soon had me back in order.
    Keeping hydrated during this weather is the most important thing, you really must try to keep introducing liquids…

    Hopefully they will find little more than tenderess or irratation, you have to remember no matter how good your feeling and looking on the outside your insides take that much longer….

    This is why we have the rules to give us time to heal….

    Frothing on everything is not nice, and something a lot of us get around this time.
    Really hope its nothing more……..

    Awwww feeling for you, but your be sorted soon, no doubt about that….. dont you worry.
    Be fearless…. your a little trooper… chin up…. best foot forward and all that xxx
    Buzz xx


    Just a thought S, not sure if it will help at all, but when my band was over-restricted I had to go for an emergency defill, I guess it would feel similar… whilst I couldn’t manage any food, and most fluids, what I could manage was an eggcupful of hot water in tiny tiny sips… give it a go, may help in the interim hun. As I said in my PM, hope you get sorted really really soon.


    hi hun,
    yep i had a stricture .
    pm if u want any info. x


    Thanks everyone. I have managed to keep a little fluid down this afternoon, and have been to see surgeon tonight. Going to have the dilation on Wednesday. Strictly no attempts at food until after that – which is a relief to be honest, because I was becoming a bit food phobic.
    Buzz, I wish it was just frothing, but this is vomiting until it feels like I’m inside out. I’m feeling more positive now though. In fact I’m more worried about how to get home from the hospital than anything else!


    That’s great news S. Best of luck for tomorrow hun. and rememeber sip, sip, sip. 😉 xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 170 total)
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