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Vomiting and Nausea

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    Oops – I entered too quickly.
    Hi all.
    I had my bypass just over 6 weeks ago and now when I eat I feel really sick and have been sick more times that I’d like.
    Has anyone else experienced this after having the op? I have been fine until just recently.
    Any suggestions from anyone please?


    Hi JR,

    6-8 weeks out was a tad troublesome for me. I tried fresh bread which stuck and I think made things a little tender… Have you been sick on something of felt anything stick?

    I frothed on most things for over week, mouthfuls of spittle everything I ate or drank..Does that sound familiar? or are you physically being sick?
    Is it on fliuds as well as food?

    LOL…. please give some more details so we can understand more…
    Otherwise if you concerned a call to the team never hurts….

    Buzz xx


    Hi Buzz,

    Thanks for replying. Fresh bread, I haven’t tried that because of what I have seen on here previously. Unfortunately I have been sick more often than not this week and even at work which is horrible in itself.

    I have tried various things but they all seem to be getting stuck and I feel very uncomfortable and start getting lots of saliva in my mouth .. sorry is this too much info ?!?!? I’ve been sick on weetabix, a dry cracker, fish in sauce, mash potato – maybe I should go back to soups and try that? I try to drink lots of water as they say but avoid it before meals.

    Its a real learning curve learning to eat again. I’m starting to have low days and sit and wonder what I’ve done. Sorry for being negative but I hope you understand.



    JR hun, it all sounds pretty familar and if we cant discuss it on here where can we? lol.
    Frothing is bad in itself, I was sick a couple of times at work..

    Try going back to slider foods for a couple of days, but hear that from the proffesionals and phone the team…… I was worst between 6-8 weeks then it stopped and I have never looked back… I expect it has a lot to do with the meds, they are in your system for a long while….

    Thing to do hun, is try not to get upset, go back to soft foods so you are at least eating, shepards pie sort of texture… if that does not work ask for a check up.

    It does get better, easier…. lets hope it is the same as me and your over it soon…

    Buzz xxx


    Thanks Buzz honey.
    I have taken note and will go back to foods that are easier as you’ve suggested.
    Fingers crossed I will come through this like you have and in a couple of weeks I can look back and think I was silly to worry.
    If things don’t improve I will contact the team for their support and book a check up.
    Thanks for listening – its great being on here knowing that you are supporting us and talk from the heart.
    Take care – have a good week
    JR xxx


    Hi Guys

    I am just approaching 6 weeks and this is beginning to happen to me, not quite so much as you JR
    though, i will take your advise Buzz and go back to soft foods, don’t know about you guys, but did you get really really tired during this phase?

    Apart from this all ok and hope everyone else is ok too.

    Jacquie xxx


    Hi Jacks,

    Tired yes, if your being poorly you tend to eat and drink less and its about now your becomming a little more adventorous and doing more so your intake is probably not enough….
    Slider foods are just that, they slide straight through you and you really dont get much benefit from them ,hence the need for protien…. and of course your multi viatmins…

    Remember what we used to eat, that we have had major surgery, and the meds from that will be wearing off…. its a fine balance and a real struggle sometimes but its better to do soft foods for a day or two if you have been struggling…. just so you have something of value…. Its not going to be forever..7-8 weeks was the turning point for me….. and now at 7 moths their is very little I wont try….. Apart from Coke and fizzy drinks, I miss them soooo much but after the episode in Hong Kong…I’m never going back their again…lol…

    Get some ready meals in the freezer, most big stores do one persons shepards pies and the likes..their an awesome meal when your struggling… and so little waste…
    Just dont try too hard guys, it will all become pretty natural soon enough…

    Eat it with a tea spoon and your never eat it too fast either…..
    Back to basics when the need arises… ๐Ÿ˜‰ and you wont go far wrong. If that doesnt work, make a call to the team as it might be something that needs checking. Dont leave it too long I would not want to have someone poorly with my comments….

    Good Luck…

    Buzz xxx


    Thanks Buzz.

    I have read your other message today and I may not be chewing enough as some of the symptoms on there seem similar to mine.

    I guess its all trial and error at this time. Like you, I am really missing my diet coke .. water & squash just don’t hit the spot like a cool diet coke used to ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jacquie, fortunately for me I’m not tired. Take care of yourself and rest up.

    Buzz, what would we do without you – our own little support group!! You should become a counsellor ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Take care all and enjoy the sunshine

    JR xxxx


    Me a
    Nope I dont do politics….ha ha ha …

    Actually Gilly did investigate a councilors course for me at the local Uni…… Not sure I could without getting too emotionally involved.. I know how some suffer and it breaks my heart that even I cant do more….. so I can motivate some, put a smile on the saddest face (most of the time) and if that helps then my work is done…….

    Although I’m shrinking I still have broad shoulders and a wealth of experiences that I am happy to share if it helps…..
    You lot will follow…. you will become the new superheros…. its like a circle…

    I’d be lost without you lot…..
    Or skint for spendig too much on online bingo, so your all doing me a favour keeping me busy LMSAO……

    Love ya

    Buzz xxx

    Ms Ellie

    Jr….. my angel I didnt know you were struggling there hun, im sure the Buzz-ster has given you some great tips there but do call your team just in case- xxx


    Buzz, you’re great and we’re lucky that you’re the caring type supporting us the way you do.
    Take care honey
    love ya too


    Ms Ellie, my treasure .. I will do.


    I’ve really enjoyed reading this thread and learnt a lot.

    and of course I 2nd that Mr Buzz, very helpful,


    Not a lot I can add really, just that when I went through it I realised that I was eating too quickly. When I went back to using a teaspoon, chewing properly and eating slowly it settled down again. I think maybe we are so used to wolfing down anything in sight that we don’t realise how quickly we try to eat even after surgery. Well that was so in my case anyway. As for feeling tired Jacqui yes I had that too, I couldn’t understand why because I was/am sleeping much better since surgery than I did before. Yet even now on occasions my get up and go is just gone. I’m lucky in that I only have myself to think of most of the time so I can just do what I can when I can and leave the rest. That’s not easy when you have a child but just try to do only the essential things. Mine is improving and I am becoming more energetic most of the time. Just make sure you are taking your vitamins and drinking enough. If you have had sickness or dumping you need to make an effort to drink more to make up for the fluids you have lost. Just a few thoughts that might help.

    Bovrilbody = Ruth xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 170 total)
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