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Vitamins and Minerals: FAQ

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    @Doodah 17634 wrote:

    It’s my humble opinion that GP surgeries will need to learn pretty darned fast about how wls patients should be monitered post op: in 20 years time, everyone will be obese if something isn’t done about it soon. Thus far, wls is the only solution that is truly effective long term, which is risible considering there is a multi BILLION pound/dollar ‘diet’ industry world wide.

    Thanks, that’s got that off my chest!!

    I quite agree doodah, but I think the GP’s need to be educated as to what is required because most don’t know. I gave mine a very detailed leaflet (which I sourced myself) which she always uses, otherwise all she got from the hospital was a letter saying I needed to take multi vits and have annual blood tests (not even listing which ones!). Thankfully (although not so great as I have been so ill to need one) I have an endocrinologist who has stepped in with far more help. There is so much varied info online, different hospitals vary in their advice, so there really needs to be a proper information fact sheet for GP’s giving them (and us) everything we need to know to prepare us for life post wls.


    So B12 defiecient is a long term condition and not necessarily related to GBS, but probally progressed quicker.. or so I have reasearched….
    Thing to consider here is, whilst. YES we can forget foods, we dont digest anywhere near as much as we did, DIET is so very important to avoid these unecessary conditions….

    Blood tests find the problem, tablets and injections help resolve but then its a lot down to diet…

    Convieniance eating, forgetting to eat, and not concentrating on what your eating is my own doing, so now I need to step it up a little…..

    Hopefully a referal to a dieticain who understands or who can advise will help…..

    Dont forget your greens………

    Buzz xx

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)
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