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Vitamins and Minerals: FAQ

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    My GP thinks I should start on Forceval. I have been taking ‘bog standard’ supermarket tablets, (more like horse pills !!), but on my recent blood test I was deficient in iron & B12.
    Has anyone had problems with Multi-vits? Are the Forceval tabs any better?
    I would love to hear your views/suggestions.
    medic (Tom)


    I’m using Forceval, doctors I have worked with with people with dietary restrictions felt them to be the most comprehensive. I’m only a few days post of which mean I have to crush them as they are quite big. (they don’t taste too bad either). Penzo


    I am day one of milk diet and was recommended forcaval by my gp too


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    My GP also said immediately I’d need lifelong b12 tests and monitoring. I have my folic monitored every 3 weeks as I’m on methotrexate which also depletes it. I take ferrous sulphate daily with vitamin c to help process it and since I started the vitamin c I have stopped being anaemic. Another example of the poor service from your GP practice eh Buzz? I think the need for B12 monitoring was also in my Streamline discharge notes.

    ruby tuesday wrote:
    Folic acid and B12 are involved with red cell formation, lack of these can cause anaemia. The body does not store B vitamins, and they are lost in cooking too, and are probably not being absorbed or utilized by your body, so the GP will prescribe supplements and re-test your blood regularly. Anaemia causes extreme tiredness and hair loss. Folic acid will be in tablet form, B12 is tablet or injection. Injection works faster.

    B vitamins are found in animal by products; meat, fish, eggs etc. but the reason deficiency is a risk post-bypass is due to the small section of stomach being used, blocking full absorption of nutrients.

    GP can treat Buzz, don’t worry, need to try to eat more protein foods too – obviously liver best source, not sure how digestable post-op though! xx

    If you’re B12 deficient it may be because you can’t process it properly however much B12 you eat you may not absorb it – my daughter has this problem and has to have B12 injections about 4 times a year to prevent pernicious anaemia. After our surgeries we are more likely to have absorption problems.

    sue wants 2 be thin

    I am prescribed Forceval too, been taking them from 6 weeks post op and have to take them for life apparently. Sue x


    Hi Tom,

    Forvecal and Sanatogen are probably the most commonly used.
    I use sanatogen A-Z and have been since surgery, thing is I too have just been given bad results for B12 and fosfic in my last screening so will be keen to see if their is any difference between the two brands…

    B12 can be dealt with by having a course of Injections over a few months and then regular check ups.

    Foos appears to be a big key so it might be worth trying to speak to a dietician or looking online….. something I plan to do tomorrow….
    I am not sure if fosfic deficiency is what your calling Iron, but a nuerologist consulting with my GP has stated sort the B12 first and only then the fosfic…. as their coule be complications that I really dont want to go into…

    This is why its so important to have the support of your GP and them understanding the aftercare required by anyone undergoing GBS….

    Good luck buddy…. its to to have found it now. it can be sorted…..

    Buzz xxx


    i have b12 injections every 3 months x


    I was advised by my hairdresser to take a Vit B supplement to help with my hair loss. In the 2 weeks I’ve been taking it, I’ve had a nasty cold which keeps hanging around and I can’t shift it. Could this be connected to the Vit B do ya think?


    My father had pernicious anemia too and has the injections too ( his is not from WLS ) my gp has already told me she will be testing me for the deficiency after surgery and this was before she knew about dad . Guess we gave to be pro active making sure they do do the tests . Hope you getting sorted buzz I know my dad feels so much better after his injection.

    K x

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    It’s my humble opinion that GP surgeries will need to learn pretty darned fast about how wls patients should be monitered post op: in 20 years time, everyone will be obese if something isn’t done about it soon. Thus far, wls is the only solution that is truly effective long term, which is risible considering there is a multi BILLION pound/dollar ‘diet’ industry world wide.

    Thanks, that’s got that off my chest!!


    Me too – Sanatoge A-Z plus extra Calcium as I’m a Laydee of a certain age ;-))



    I’ve been on Forceval free from my GP for 14 months both my full 3 page bloodtests done at 6 month intervals were excellent on everything Mr Somers, Dietician and my GP said. However GP did say that as they were perfect too at pre-assessment I wasn’t lacking anything to start with and I do eat a really well balanced diet too.

    Good Luck Boots stock Forceval too.

    Regards Madeleine (Renn)



    Me too, have been on Forceval for the last 14 months and all my recent bloods came back fine with no problems, due to my MS i also have B12 injections every 4 weeks at my surgery so they can do this at your local surgery should you require it, hope this helps
    Take Care

    Jacquie x


    Hi Buzz

    I have B12 injections every 4 weeks due to my ms, Dr wanted to keep me on these especially after bypass, no one has every mentioned folic acid to me though, hope you feel better soon hun
    Jacquie xx

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 47 total)
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