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Vitamins and Minerals: FAQ

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    I take Forceval,too. xx

    Ms Ellie

    Bio oil is supposed to be good too for the skin too

    Hows it going Shells???? it was lovely seeing you at Borehamwood last thursday hope things are better for you now much love Ellie xxxxx

    Big Rob

    For your skin use Bio Oil, you can but it in boots, I am using it and I have noticed a vast difference in my skin whilst loosing.


    Have you tried the Body Butters from the Body Shop. I use their body butters all the time and find it very good.


    I am currently buying vitamin tablets from America as they are chewable as I am incapable of swallowing tablets every day! They are designed for people who have had bariatric surgery and have every vitamin and mineral under the sun in them. Unfortunately some of the ones I brought dont have iron in them. I changed to chewing tablets with iron but the constipation, bloating etc made me feel horrid. Do we have to take iron supplements, does anyone know. I had my surgery at Chichester, and dont recall any mention of iron, or is it assumed that a multivitamin has iron in it? Any help would be appreciated! xx


    That is a good question, can you phone the hospital and ask?
    I have just brought some chewable vitamins and minerals from Tesco, designed for young adults. They were reccommended by to me last week. I cannot cope with the bombs that I got from the GP even when they are broken in half so had stopped taking them 🙁
    At least these are better than nothing.



    my docter prescribed ketovite its a liquid vitamin and mineral


    Hi Everyone

    Can anyone advise me? I’m due to start the milk diet tomorrow and went to see my GP today to ask for a prescription for forceval. Instead i have been described VITAMIN BPC capsules – take two twice a day

    Are these any good or should i be going back to ask for Forceval?

    Also, I’ve been given chewable “ADCAL – D3” calcium tablets. Is chewable ok?



    Hi Tinks,

    Not sure baout the multi vits and going back to Forceval but chewables are a must for a while, especially just after the op as taking any form of oral tablet afterwards without crushing them down is pretty

    I tried sanatogeon A-Z after and oh my god how horrid lol….. Who needs dumping when you have a mouthful of crushed multi vits….
    Not wanting to put you off, but chewable are actually ok….
    Good luck tomorrow, the first day or two is the hardest, just remember my liitle sweetness, Its NOT a punishment, its to prepare you for surgery, shrink your delicate liver…. and generally give the system a good old sort out……

    Not long now….. your gonna love this, I know it….

    Loves ya

    Buzz xxx


    All advice so far excellent. But just to add I think Forceval is just for patients who get free prescriptions as I do as I’m over 60. The Chichester dieticians told me to otherwise take Sanatagen A-Z or Centrium A-Z from chemists. I used a thing that breaks the tablet in half to start with. Was told to take during milk diet then come off until two weeks after surgery. Then take for life.
    Your Surgeon, Dietician or GP should always be your first port of call as you know. However like you to hear what I was told. All the best.
    Madeleine (Renn)

    Sally Bailey

    Hiya Tinks

    Sanatogen is the one most people use I believe. Also, you can get MANY medications in liquid form! Might be worth asking?

    So excited for you!!!

    Sally x


    Hello everyone.Kindly tell me about multi vitamin food because i want to eat food which have lots of vitamins.Share with me which food have multi vitamins? Reply soon.thanks.


    Both conditions can appear after surgery and are found during routine blood works….
    I have just found I am deficient in both…

    Looking for a little advice here.

    Thanks in advance

    Buzz x

    ruby tuesday

    Folic acid and B12 are involved with red cell formation, lack of these can cause anaemia. The body does not store B vitamins, and they are lost in cooking too, and are probably not being absorbed or utilized by your body, so the GP will prescribe supplements and re-test your blood regularly. Anaemia causes extreme tiredness and hair loss. Folic acid will be in tablet form, B12 is tablet or injection. Injection works faster.

    B vitamins are found in animal by products; meat, fish, eggs etc. but the reason deficiency is a risk post-bypass is due to the small section of stomach being used, blocking full absorption of nutrients.

    GP can treat Buzz, don’t worry, need to try to eat more protein foods too – obviously liver best source, not sure how digestable post-op though! xx


    I was told by my GP to make sure I got extra folic acid and B12 right from the start. Ironically, since I’ve been vegetarian (about a year now) my HB levels have been fantastic. They used to range between 7 and 8 (which is dreadful.) My last blood test (last week) was amazing – HB of 12+, good enough for anyone! Go figure!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 47 total)
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