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Vitamins and Minerals: FAQ

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    Do I buy some multivitamins for after my bypass?, if so which ones?.
    I am on benifits so can I get them from docters? and what do I ask for. lol xx

    Toni Russo

    Any good quality vitamin such as Sanatogen A-Z or Forceval (with additional calcium) can be obtained on prescription. Get your bloods monitored as you may need B12 injections after gastric bypass.


    Toni – please can you let me know what chewable multi vit is available as I am having the bypass on the 8th march and have been looking online and no joy unless I buy from the usa – Thank you


    had a bit of a wobble yesterday, I am pre op (operation on 2nd Sept) someone mentioned to me yesterday that their friend was so iron deficient after having a bypass they were going to have to spend the day in hospital being given iron. This has been one of my fears, not being able to absorb vitamins. Have many of you had blood tests after a year and been fine?xx


    I am not that far out yet, but do know of other people who have had iron deficiency as a result of their bypass – another common deficiency is B12. However, from what I have seen over the past few years relatively few people need iron infusions. The key is in having regular bloods (yearly for most people) and keeping an eye on your health – if you feel a drop in vitality etc, then get yourself checked out. It is a possibility that you will have deficiencies, but I would not say it is likely. You need to weigh up all the pros and cons, and of the people I know who have needed iron infusions – none of them regret their surgeries. The malabsortive side of the RNY is not usually huge, bigger ops like the DS etc carry a far greater risk of deficiences.

    Always remember to take your supplements post op as well, again not a guarantee, but a big help!

    Maybe speak to your surgeon about it if you are worried…

    Pre-op wobbles are pretty common, and you are wise to think these things through before your op and it is major life changing surgery.

    Good luck,



    Hi Petal

    It only becomes an issue if you do not take your vitamins after surgery. The best advice is to follow what your consultant says. If feeling poorly always get your GP to check your bloods levels. Most will and not refuse.
    Take care :kiss:


    Hi dont know if anyone can answer a couple of questions for me……will i need to take liquid vitamins after bypass?if so which ones and where can i get them?also this may sound silly but is there a reccommended skin lotion or somthing that will help skin after bypass?not explaining myself very well am i lol. i want to encourage some of my skin to stay springy so i dnt have more excess skin than need i kidding myself that i can do somthing to help?im told because im young(37 not that young lol) and have good skin and its still springy it may not be that bad.what are you lot saying…after all your the experts! x


    hi shells
    i take santagen a to z. tablets though.
    i have horrible tum bit but for other areas i found that the cycling has helped. im 38


    Hi Shells,

    Can’t help with liquid vitamin etc as I am on Centrum Advanced tabs which i break into 4 pieces. But for your skin I use bio oil. It’s recommended for putting on scars, stretch marks, uneven skin etc. It’s brilliant as it soaks in so easily. Hope this helps.
    All the best, Batesy.x


    yeah i had wondered about that!great thanks i shall buy some! x


    I had chewable vitamins to start with after my op which were very easy to digest rather than hard tablets. I have also tried every lotion and potion in the chemist including bio oil. All help a little to lubricate the skin but do not get rid of flabby skin. Skin with tighten up a bit with exercise but not to the extent most of us would like. At least you have youth on your side so you should fare better than average. My only tip is not to spend a fortune on these, a good standard nourishing body lotion is just as good as a very expensive designer-label one. Oh yes, and eat well too, give your body the best nourishment possible – imagine you’re looking after a Ferrari and it needs great petrol, oil, water etc to look good and perform well! C x


    thanks carol thats good advice.would be easy to start a hunt for a miracle skin moisturiser i guess post op but im thinking maybe i will just use same champneys moisturiser i use now!and maybe try bio oil on my tummy as i imagine that is where im gonna suffer most!chewable vitamins good idea can you tell me which ones i need to buy please that cover all vitamins and minerals im meant to have?then that will be another thing off my to do list! x


    Hi Shells
    I too used chewable ones but had to buy from USA. I brought enough for 1st 6 months just in case!!
    They are specifically for biatric patients and contain everything that is needed.
    If you want details personal message me. Or search the forum as has been on before and lots of people
    commented on a variety of ones. xx


    thanks brains,searched and found the thread.went to bariatric choice website but still so many chewable vits to choose from!!!do i need calcium as well? which are best? x


    Hi all
    Just a reminder that your GP will prescribe FORCEVAL- if you are on free prescriptions-as I am being 61. They are excellent to take and I’m really happy with them. Thought it may save someone some cash. Reminder-I hope we all know we have to take them for rest of our lives after a bypass.
    Bye for now have a great week guys and gals.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)
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