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    Hi – just wanted to pass on something that I have recently found helpful.
    Since surgery and following a diet- I have had quite a problem with constipation. I know it’s embarassing to talk about but oh its been so painful and uncomfortable.
    Then I read about Vitality the small yoghurt drinks that have fibre and are probiotic or something- ie feeding the good bacteria in you.
    Well I thought I would give them a try- 68 calories a pot – but its worth it as it works- Have not taken movical since taking it.
    On top of that lost 2 lb tonight at fat club! :clap2:
    Definitely worth trying though I dont suffer from sugar intolerance – which may affect some people.
    And furthermore one day I will look like Joanna Lumely- though younger ofcourse! :flypig:

    Hope it helps someone else.

    Cheryl x


    Wahooo for friendly…
    Luckily I have never had the contipation since surgery quite the opposite… Which can be a nusaince but real funny too.
    Thanks for the thumbs up.



    I’m with you on this one Buzz lol ….. fun an games!!!! Good to know though, cos my daughter suffers with constipation quite a bit, so I will try that for her next time. :whoo:
    xxx p xxx


    Hi Everyone.
    Thanks for the info and will go to supermarket and once I’ve read ingredients etc. if it sounds okay for me will give it a go. Have been on Magnesium Hydroxide (strength and dosage from my very helpful GP for 8 weeks) and now she doesn’t want me to stay on it for any longer as not good all the time. She has given me (GP dose and strength)Lactulous. I add not normally or ever really suitable for post bypass but my GP checked it all out and Portsmouth Head dietician okayed for me too it as from GP. Doesn’t do much to help but not any worse. Perservering with this one problem. Had op 17/4. Dr. said will try Fibergel(taken in water) apparently when I have trialed this huge bottle. No averse effects with Lactulose but can’t recommend it for you guys. Will try the Vitality and keep you all informed. Aren’t you lucky bunch. Have a wonderful day on the losing side all of you.
    Bye and thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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