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Visit to harrow – part 2

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    I all

    I have an appointment booked to see the fabulous mr Guy SLater in Wednesday to discuss my band….

    You don’t get many, two chances in life but hopefully I will, I just love operating rooms. Lol

    I will update you all in Wednesday,

    Hopefully I can get my operation ASAP.

    I’ve been good with the eating and exercising but boy I miss my band, my friend that keeps me in check, my weight has increased by just 2lb since leak but having to work hard keeping it there, and strange thing is although it’s 2lb it feels like 2 stone….. !!!!!

    Appy Dazes

    Love John xxx


    Keep smiling john. Hope it all goes well on weds and you dont have to wait too long for your op date.

    Scary thing is, you have just proved how easy it will be for someone like me to gain the weight back if my band wasn’t working. 🙁 .

    Best wishes
    Heidi. X


    Good luck mate hope it all goes well. Just shows how effective the band can be, don’t think we appreciate it, but your plight has shown us what it is doing for us.



    Hi John,
    Fingers crossed for Wednesday, sure everything will go your way and before long you will back on the operating table and your band will have been renewed lol. Thinking of you.

    Elaine xx


    Good luck tomorrow John, be sure to update us xx


    Hi all

    I’m at the hospital although I’m two hours early I travel far and rather sit back and relax than be stuck in traffic on the M25….

    Feeling very well but a bit tired…. Late night last night….

    So looking forward to seeing Mr Slater again,

    I keep looking at my diary trying to adjust any leave I have left in case I have another operation to renew my band. If the band is replace I would like to see it after, to see where the leak was and why but thus might not be possible. Although I would imagine the manufactures would be interested in finding out why there product failed so quick…..

    Can’t wait to be back on track…..

    Now for a coffee and a snooze …. Night night

    Love John xxxxx


    Hi all

    I have seen guy today and it pretty certain that the leak is from the port so I’m booked in on Tuesday 8th may where guy will replace it and look at the tubing…..

    Love John xxxx


    Hi john 🙂

    Not much longer to wait then 🙂 are you feeling happy about what they have said to you ? and what they are going to do to fix it ?
    If it is the port and tube, why did the leak not show up .?

    I’m guessing you dont have to part with anymore cash . Anyway i’m pleased thing will get back to normal soon.

    Heidi x


    Hi hides

    It did not show because it a very small leak… Happy that it’s going to be fixed and at no cost to me…

    An interesting item on watch dog last week where the ladies who had the French Brest implants that we’re leaking….. If they paid using a credit card they can claim back the money through the credit card company.. Under the sale of goods act… Interesting!!!! If you can get the program on I player be worth watching

    Thought for any future surgery….

    Guy put my band under pressure today and his pretty sure it’s the port that has the leak but only slight

    Love John xxx


    Good to hear you have a fix date John and I am pleased this is free of charge to you, I have heard of leaking ports before, did they ever have problems locating the port for fills or have several attempts with the needle? I have heard that this can sometimes cause problems with leaks in the port.

    Nettie xx


    Hi Nettie.

    No never a problem finding the port…. In fact the opposite was always said….

    Love john xxxx


    Well that’s really worrying, I didn’t pay for mine using a credit card I do hope it stands the test of time!

    Nettie xx


    Hi John, this is Donna’ I met you yesterday at the clinic, not a clue what I’m doing on here just yet but thought u would say hi, how did you get on with Guy?
    Donna x


    Hi Donna.

    It was grate to meet you to,, yes guy was fantastic I’m back in on the 8th may for the port to be replaced.

    What’s your next move. ?

    I got soaked when I left it pisx@d down lol

    Just home from a long workout in the gym and a relaxing sauna. Just had me soup now of to bed. How boring I am… The wife is away at Brighton for the week partying with her mates…. I keep telling her she is a nanny and should set examples for our grankids… She’s bit having any if it…

    Keep in touch…

    Love John xxxxx


    Hi John

    So glad you are happy with how things went. You will soon be back on track ;-))

    Doodah x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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