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    Donna O

    Hi everyone just thought i would update you all and let you know how things are going ,its been 8 weeks now since my bypass and im doing really well i have lost 3 and a half stone so far and im due to go to back to the loxwood centre to be weighed again on the 1st of dec ,i feel so much better in my self ,i even have a bit more energy i havent started to think about excercise yet but i guess i should soon.I dont really feel that hungry anymore and i dont use food to fix how i feel ,i used to eat all the time esp when im down and depressed but that seems to of gone now .Things have been tough at home as my father in law was took into hosp on the day of my operation as he suffered a brain anuresym it seemed as if he was getting better but he then suffered a massieve bleed in the brain and they sadly couldnt do anything for him so they had to turn off the machines as his brain was too damaged, me and my husband stayed with him right to the end which i felt trully blessed he chose to pass with us with him.It has been a tough 8 weeks but i have managed with the food and im amazed that being so upset i did not want to stuff my face as i would of done ,but i can honestly say i dont need food to help me as i normally did.I have no regrets ,im so glad i did it and too think i nearly chickened out lol what was i thinking .Thankyou all


    well done Donna, glad you have no regrets, sorry to hear about your father in law. Keep up good work

    ruby tuesday

    Bless you Donna, you have been through such a traumatic time, and coped without food, so deserve a huge clap, very well done! I am sorry for your loss, and for your husband’s loss, and admire you for remaining with your father-in-law until the end, really not something everyone would be comfortable doing, as we are less used to facing up to death nowadays compared to years ago. Fabulous weight loss, well done again, and I am really glad you are happy now that you made the right descision to have the op, it does take a while post-op to start to feel more settled in our eating, and to then see what a good choice we have made.

    Like you, I have been going through some things which normally would have made me reach for sweet stuff to cope, and it is such a relief to find that is not my automatic reaction now, somehow this op has freed my mind not just my body, and without sugar constantly in my system, I am rarely actually depressed, just sad sometimes, yet I stopped my anti-depressants when I had the op. It will be an amazing and exciting journey for you I am sure, and you will discover the person you were meant to be! xx

    Andy Toms

    Well done donna, a great acheivement and doubly so when you consider all the other things that have been going on for you, its also great to hear you are not using food as a crutch anymore, that i am sure will speed your success and your journey to a better life 🙂


    Hi Donna

    So sorry for your loss. Congratulations on staying so strong and focused at such a difficult time – can’t have been easy.

    Doodah xx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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