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Tips before surgery – must have items

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    ruby tuesday

    Paul, I have managed tinned soups, although they are mostly high in sugar, my surgeon suggested the covent garden soup range saying that would be better, but most seemed to be spicy or flavours I wasn’t keen on. Havn’t tried tomato soup as I know it will seem very sweet, but oxtail is nice, and made a lentil soup as it is good protein. I didn’t tell people pre-op either, only some people now as they seemed to be worrying I was tired and loosing weight, but I would have preferred not to tell anyone really, I just don’t think it is anyone elses business, and some people are against surgery. I did find that telling one person in a group I belonged to meant suddenly everyone knew too!


    Hi Paul

    Yes Heinz plain soup was ok I only managed half a can… I did try the packet type which was ok…. But for the first two weeks post op I just didn’t fancy any food… Even now I never feel hungry I only eat because I have to…… Fresh fish tuna and salmon are my favorite…. Soft fruit… Jacket potato… I’ve not had much meat, I cooked a mince meat dish last week.. With a weight watches sauce it was nice but list of chewing ….. Going for my first meal on 25th October, as far as my friends are concerned I’m just on a diet and can’t drink cos I’m driving, but looking forward to attending in a nice shirt and trousers rather than a tent…. And as for the food I’ll just have to talk more which will enable me to eat slower.

    Good luck Paul

    Love John xxx


    Thanks John, I over the years have slipped into bad habits, tended not to eat much in the morning, then lunch at work, but would come home and cook/ eat a large meal straight away. I realize that now on the milk diet, and am struggling already on day 2 how pathetic, was sooo hungry last night, need something to occupy my mind any tips for this stage? as the remaindingr 5/6 days ahead seem like a long time


    Paul try and stay focussed. I went on long walks, to get away from the kitchen. I just kept thinking of a longer future with my Family. Plus I was paying for the op so that’s a big reason that I stayed on track.

    Keep going it’ll be worth it.

    John xx


    Hi paul
    I think i’m a few days behind you. My milk diet doesn’t start till next fri ( only 12 days), plus i think i’m luckier then you as i’ve been told i can do a low fat/ low carb diet, no more then 900 cals. Sounds better then your milk diet, however i’m not looking forward to it…. Think i’ll be having lots of long baths and watching the tele in bed. Have warned my other half that i’ll be a miserable b****, for a few days. ( i wont repeat his respone )….

    As john said, we are all doing this for a reason. Try to focus on those, and i’m sure it will help you throu.
    Best wishes


    Thanksy Guys,

    Have been sticking to it so far!, yesterday as it was hetic I only managed 3 pints not 4. I am getting through the sugar free crusha though. And I would like have more salty drinks, according to my diet sheet I am only allowed one a day, is it bad if you have more?

    Thanks for you support, this part is hard!!! Sat night and not take out and I have even been in the pub today supping soda water!,

    Well as you all say, you’ve spent the money, and its time to get my weight under control, not an easy road!!



    Dieting was never easy buddy… But stick to the diet exercise and food control and you’ll get there… I have only lost 2.5 stone and even if I don’t loose anymore weight I’ll be satisfied cos I feel fantastic my confidence is back and feel good… So if I get another 2/3 stone off I’ll be ecstatic.

    God bless the band…. Not a wand but a tool…

    Love John xx


    Thanks John, is it normal to piss so much? I suppose I am not used to drinking so much fluid. Big day coming up on Thursday, after the band were you able to get around ok? I was wondering how easy it was to get around and do things. I have booked a week off work but would like to do a few jobs round the house whilst I recoup. I am only 39 and feel fairly fit, did 10 miles on my bike in Sat. Just thinking about clearing a few rooms of junk, that kind of thing, not much more than strenuous housework would that be ok?


    Hi Paul…

    I did wee a lot mainly because I was drinking lots of water plus the four pints of milk.

    I took it very easy for a week, don’t lift anything it could split your scars and move the band, getting out of bed you need to curl up and roll out as your a bit tight around the middle, the worst I found was the wind pain.. Not farting but the gas they pump in you during the op, it hangs around the shoulders on fact the left shoulder that got quite painful in the evenings, but I found burping eased it, it lasted about a week. Just don’t stretch or lift anything. At the two week stage I started gentle Brest stroke at the swimming pool, she wasn’t very happy but I enjoyed it… Lol

    Take care keep focused and keep us all updated

    Where are you having the op.

    Love John xx


    Hi John, great advice, I was wondering what the pain was like? How did u get pain killers down? I was thinking about soluble co codamol but this is fizzy when solubilized, is it worth making these up
    In advance and add ice cubes? How long post surgery was it when you had something other than water?

    My surgery is in Thursday at Gatwick Spire Hospital with Mr Pring.

    Another busy week at work then straight in, bit nervous but be weird if I wasnt!




    I just took normal pain killers… Didn’t seem to work, but just done a fair but of walking and put up with it, it’s more like an ache than pain.

    Got them down ok just crunch them up in my mouth.

    Good luck for Thursday



    Hi Paul, how’s it going?

    Great advice there from John. Everyone is different so just keep asking for help when you need it – it’s what this place is for 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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