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Tips before surgery – must have items

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    Dear all,

    I am due to start my milk diet tomorow (band on the 6th), does anyone have any tips prep work I can do to make this easier? I have seen on the forum people prepare lots of interesting soups for post op, any suggestions? Also are there any “must have” items during your mik period and any other items during your recovery period. Including food prep items as well as food itself. I have the cookbook and bought some things ice cube trays, and lolly makers not sure what else I need?

    I have a house full of food from my girlfriend! – need to sort out a cupboard for myself for the future, any tips would be useful



    Hi Paul,

    It would be crazy prepairing lots of foods for after the op, most of it would waste away or have to be frown away.
    A little, is all you will need for the first week or two….. a regular can of soup would do you 2 or 3 sittings depending on your restriction…(true) Ready made meals like cottage pie and the likes were a blessing for me just 3 days out (bypass)…. havng left hospital on chessy mash, their was never really a sloppy stage as such.

    Its so much better to prepare things and make enough for a day or two, their is so much less wastage and you can then mix it up instead of getting stuck into the same thing and boredom….

    As for the milk diet, salty bovril drinks. sugar free gum to help with dental hygenie and a comfort to get the old nashers working, sugar free jelly, sugar fee milkshake and of course tonnnes and tonees of the white stuff.

    Many find it easy going… see how you go and shout to keep us up to date, even if your doing well….

    As long as you have some soups, yoghurts and the likes to come home too the first few days will be peachy… then you can concentrate on regular fresh fodder lol….

    All the Best

    Andy aka Buzz xx



    Use the ice cube maker and lollipop makers for their intended purposes. Ice and low sugar lollies will give you some well need crunch in the milk diet, and its only frozen H2O…lol


    Thanks Guys for the tips really handy,

    I am a little worried about how I am going to feel about the loss of food, mainly the social aspect as at present eat out probably 2 -3 times and week with work colleagues, family and girlfriend, and like a few beers before the football or with my mates on a Friday night, I know this is a different thread but how did you cope with this, I think I will morn the loss of social time out a bit…. 🙁


    No reason to morn much at all really, just save peenies by having a starter…
    It will be a little while before you find the right restriction with a band or the sweet spot…

    I eat out, most of us do. we manage, you will too….

    Beer might be an issue, anything gassy might start you frothing dumping and hurting like crazy so your be off that for a bit, but its not to say never again….

    You wont morn social time, your find you have more time and energy, becomme more social than you are now, so much changes……

    So for time your have to go without certain things, its all for the good of your health and well being.
    Tastes change, its easy to pick the healthier option the further out you are…
    Dont think you wont live and enjoy being will…



    Where are you Paul? their are many support groups happening that would help you with the initial worries…

    Seeing results does wonders for the fear factor….. speaking to people on the journey will help you no end…

    Well worth the effort, if just the once to test the water….. Support and encouragement from people doing the same who are non judgmental will help you on the low days and shre the excitement on the good days….

    Try to get to at least one meeting if you can to see what you think…

    Andy ( Buzz )


    Thanks for the support guys, I am based in Worthing do you know of any local support groups, the only one I know is a BOSPA one in Shoreham, would like to find some fellow male banders to have a banter too



    Take some sugar free cordial into hosp I got very bored of water . And take a cushion to put between you and the seat belt for the car ride home .

    All the best .


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    John on here has had a band fitted sure he will drop in soon and give advice. I have made up and frozen soups just because can defrost cubes as needed without waste. Wishing you well at the beginning of your journey.

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Paul, I don’t think you are as restricted in what you can eat after the band op. as you would be with a bypass, which is generally what all the soup comments refer to, but I am sure someone who has had the band will be on soon with more ideas for you. best wishes


    Thanks, day 1 of milk diet today, off to work with my cool pack and 2 pints of milk! Just need to dodge lunch request for the next week!


    Hi Paul.

    Me personally the though of blending food made me feel sick, the look of it also made me yack…

    I stayed with yogurt, soup, plenty of water very important, the thought if food was so far removed from my mind that I had to keep reminding myself to eat… Soft fruit and veg was good… Weetabix for breakfast was and still is fine… After a week I tried egg on burnt toast two mouthfuls in and I was in the bathroom talking into the big white telephone… I eat a lit of fresh fish, veg, mash. My favorite it ryvita with sliced banana yum yum… Tried chicken last night and again upstairs I went.. Yacking… My fault not chewing enough. I’m due my first fill on 8th October and I feel this will be a major turning point in my weight lost.. Up to two weeks ago I lost two stone, so I’m sure after the fill I’ll Loose more. Enjoy your new life it’s fantastic….

    Love John xxx


    Hi Paul. I’m a bypasser three years out and my social life has never been better! If you are telling people what you have had done it’s easy peasy as they will all want to help you. If you are not going to tell anyone you will be surprised how little attention they will pay to what you eat! As for booze, it’s best avoided for quite a while. It’s calorific and you will get drunk very very quickly which could cause you to make poorer foood choices (and be over the legal limit to drink.)

    I went to a wedding recently and the people who didn’t know me had no idea that I only ate the starter and didn’t drink more than one glass of wine all day. They just thought I was a tea addict! I had a couple of glasses of champagne which i left to go slightly flat and sipped tiny sips. I was so busy having a fantastic day with old friends I even forgot I’d had surgery myself – the ultimate accolade to a job well done by the surgeons.

    Sugar free syrups are the biggest life savers on the pre-op diet. Lattes and milkshakes are seldom boring are they?

    Good luck and keep in touch

    Doodah x

    ps Who, when and where re: your op?!


    Thanks John, thanks Doodah. John, soups could you tolerate plain soups? such as Heinz tinned tomato soup?

    I am not sure about fessing up to my surgery, I have a very competitive workplace, so will not mention it here. As for close friends am still embarrased I told my family and thats its so far.

    My op is on the 6th Oct with Mr Pring in Gatwick, which is why today is the first day of the milk diet. Not looking forward to the day itself, but work in R&D as a clinical scientist so know the mechanics of whats going on! I just want to get on with my new life, I think the hardest part will be that most people around me are also in the grip of a food addiction and they need to get sorted too!!


    I bet the others would love to get the heads up when they see you losing weight 😉 Mr Pring is excellent – you are in great hands (same with all Streamline’s surgeons and team)

    You will experience some negativity – it’s human nature to be jealous of other people’s success. Until you remember that it takes an awful lot of practive/hard work to be successful 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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