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The Loser’s Bench

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    So pleased it all went well for you and Julie, was thinking about you both all day Monday. Have beendown to Loxwood Centre today for my pre op and I can’t wait to be on the loser bench myself.Start the milk diet next Wed (9th) and the main event is on the 23rd with Mr John, soooooooooooooo excited now.
    So glad all went well for you both.
    Elaine xx


    Oh my buddie xx
    sure everthink will be fine and please dont worry. We are all different and tings will soon be fine. Take care, xxxx.


    Thanks Elaine xx
    You must be so excited, i know i was. So much to look foward to and so much to loose! lol xxxx.


    Hi Guys,
    Hey no need to thank me you guys would do the same for someone else. It was so nice meeting both of you. Sorry I didn’t get to meet the other lady hope she is doing well too. We are all in this together.
    Glad you are both home and a big WELCOME to the Losers Bench. Yes the staff are wonderful.
    Julie just take it easy and try not to rush on to the next stage of your journey, we all go at different rates and manage different foods. I so hate being sick so thankfully have only done it once Take care.

    Hope all goes well for you both.

    Keep posting. We like to know how you are doing.

    Ms Ellie

    Karenb and Jaycee welcome to the losers bench!!!! Good luck take it easy

    Much love Ellie xx:cheer2:


    Hi all ! had my bypass last wednesday and all went very well. Not sure where i should post on here as i am new ! maybe there is room on the losers bench for a small large one ??!!


    Hi No Longer,

    Create a post in welcome and introduce yourself (an introduction) it will get you noticed and making weighloss buddies in no time…
    Time to stand up and be counted, were here for you.

    Wishing you a painfree and trobleless recovery.

    Buzz (Andy in Bognor)

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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