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The Loser’s Bench

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    Pinks you loser !

    That is great news – well done you.

    Keep it up and take care of yourself.


    Hi Pinks,
    Well done you, I bet you’re thrilled.
    Hope you give yourself a few treats at the shops.
    All the best Batesy. xx


    What a fantastic start. Will there be enough clothes in the skinny shops for us all??!! xx


    Hi pink lady

    Well done pinks that’s great news. Thanks for telling us all-we are so proud of you!
    Regards Renn (Madeleine)


    Well Done!! The Skinny shops wont know what hit them!


    Well done on your fantastic loss! Roll on the January sales!!! xxxx


    i had my bypass on wednesday and feel great it all went well and would just like to say the WHOLE staff at st richards are wonderful and are 2nd to none very supportive and sooooo friendly made the whole thing very calm and relaxed 🙂


    Hi Pompey gal,

    Welcome to the LOSERS BENCH. Glad it has gone well for you.
    I agreee about all the staff at St Richards they are FANTASTIC.
    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Love and Hugs


    Welcome to the Losers Bench. There’s plenty of room,since we’re all shrinkng. 🙂


    long may it continue congrats
    and take it easy xxx


    Wahooooo…… A proper newbie…
    So relax, recover, take your time..their is no rush……bless
    Andy the Buzz


    Great news xx…….glad everythink went well and just take things nice a easy. Remember everyone is here for you.
    Happy days and much love xxxx.


    Woo hoo me too 1 day behind you. Go girl.


    Had my bypass on Thurs 13th Jan and have got home today – hoorayyyyyyyy.

    Had a couple of set backs but that was me not the operation and I am here now, so shove up you lot of losers 🙂 Thank you to my buddies for their support it was lovely to see them and my Lucky Charm xx

    You are right so far haven’t felt hungry, but then only started to eat yesterday and the food where I was, was not good but they did try in the end when I explained the problem.

    So to Slimifinity and beyond and my set backs just prove I needed the operation – so reset button now firmly depressed!

    Also just want to pass on a great tip or more correctly “Sues Towel Tip” use a folded towel to press on drain site when coughing and also when travelling home – who knew there were so many pot holes in Hampshire’s roads. It was a great help. Thanks Sue x


    Well done. Happy healing. 🙂

    Looking forward to sharing the journey. xx

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 52 total)
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