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The Loser’s Bench

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    Hey Guys

    Well I’m all done and dusted and thank you so much for all your lovely thoughts and comments. As you know I was extremely nervous beforehand but guess what??? I was worrying needlessly, the team are just so brilliant and I knew I was in great hands which has made it even easier.

    My new life starts now and even though I’m really nervous about these early days I know that in a few months I’ll be just fine – already I feel free from my hernia symptoms so the weight loss will just be a bonus!!! 😀


    :welcome: to the loosers side,glad everything went well. Just take things easy, the first few weeks can be like a roller coaster, but just hang in there I’m four months on and feeling great :dance:the weight is steadily coming off and I can eat almost anything.


    Whoopee! I love to hear yet another positive result! Mine’s on the 2nd Sept so I have a short time to weight before I join you! I can almost visualise this loser’s bench, getting quite crowded now, good job your all getting thinner so there is room left for the rest of us!


    Delighted you are ‘underway’, I am only in the second week post-op, but feel fine and am really looking forward to a happier, lighter future.


    Congratulations- enjoy your journey!


    Congrates xxxx you make sure you rest and heal good xxxx


    Well done Phoenix. So glad that you have joined the merry throng of losers on here.
    Good luck and take it easy and look forward to a healthy, happy and slim future

    Jan xx


    Fantastic news take things easy and enjoy x


    Who put that whoopeee cushion their lol….phaaaaaarrrp…
    Phoenix, glad your home sweetheart, now its time to take it slow, recover, relax and get into the swing….
    Your feel a little emotional, your feel a little confused and might even think what the hell have I done….lol.

    Little do you know, as soon as you get more used to it it becommes natural, 3 months down the line you wont remeber what it was like before,,,,, you sure wont miss it as you venture into the new healthier life you so wanted…

    Make plans, dream dreams as this it what your new life will be… so much is achievable after a breif recovery….

    Wishing you well, chuffed for you… proud of you…

    Buzz xxxx


    Hi Phoenix, glad everything went well, just as I expected. Hope your dealing well with your wind!!! day 4 for me was like a gale force in my house, I never stopped!!! DOn’t whatever you do be tempted with those scales in the first couple of weeks, I was advised to avoid them and didnt listen and was really upset when I got on them and so disheartened!! I found the injections made me nauseas a little while after having it, so Elaine advised me to have them at night, it was much better.
    Take care hunni.
    I am off to see Shaw Somers and the team tomorrow for my 6 week check (actually 9/10 weeks) its gone so quick!
    x x x x

    winnie woo

    hi phoenix well done just take it easy it is up and down im in my third week now and just starting to feel a little bit more normal lol dont try and run before you can walk take care xxxxxx


    Go Phoenix! You are finally a ‘loser’!

    I have finally taken on your advice, am taking it easy…trying to enjoy life! Thank you for your support!


    Heard that all went well Phoenix and Rabisco and now is the time for a big intake of breath, put your feet up and plan what to do with the rest of what is going to become a fantastic life! We want to hear from both of you (and I for one am delighted you’re posting already) about your journey. We’re here when things are good and certainly when they’re bad. Loads of luck! Carol x

    pink lady

    Went for my first appointment 6 week check. How exciting I lost 2 stone. Beware skinny shops here I come soon. I feel fantastic now. Love you all Love Pinks. X


    Hi Pinks,
    That is fantastic, you must feel on cloud 9.
    Those shops won’t know whats hit them.

    See you soon


    Irene xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 52 total)
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