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    Hi Guys

    I was trying on a super little pair of shoes in M&S the other day (spending my Birthday money!) and was all of a sudden overwhelmed by a sense of wonder that I was able to go shoe shopping…alone.

    Before my surgery (bypass) four years ago, I could never have considered doing so. a) I could barely walk so shoes were just something to cover my feet b) I didn’t care what they looked like so long as they fitted (same as clothes) and c) I could never have taken off and put back on my own shoes or boots.

    Laces were a nightmare as it meant bending forward long enough to tie a double bow and buckles are normally at the side on ladies shoes and my arms weren’t long enough to go round my 60″ plus frame. So, I invariably ended up wearing shoes with ‘velcro’ fastenings and we all know how stylish they are…NOT!

    Anyway, I just wanted to share with you all how, even after four years, I’m still in awe of how my life has changed on a daily basis. Ok, I now have fairly bad arthritis and buckles and laces (and buttons) are again a nightmare but I CAN manage them with time and no fear of passing out from my lungs being crushed by my own body as I squeezed my massive frame out of the way to reach my feet!! I can choose my shoes for the style and colour rather than what will fit. On my bad days before surgery, I couldn’t even get out of bed so choice of shoes wasn’t even an issue. I can now put on my own shoes, paint my toe nails and feel pretty and feminine. It takes time but I can manage it.

    Thank heaven for weight loss surgery. Shoe shopping is just one miniscule change for the better since I had mine. It’s not even that important in the scheme of things really but it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was able to do it now – and enjoy it!

    Thanks for reading this far – hope you haven’t fallen asleep haha! Just wanted to share. Hope you all have the same feeling. It’s such a tonic to realise how far you have come when you least expect it.

    Doodah x


    I have to agree its still amazing to me as well that I can go in to a normal shop and browse and buy things and when I think of my size change from 6xl to l and waist size 56 inch to 32 inch and even dropping 2 show sizes I cannot thank Sahw enough for completing my bypass and giving me back me 🙂


    No other feeling like it is there – being re-born? :-))

    Doodah x


    Amazing post. Just shows how our lives can change . Xxx


    Great post as usual Doodah. I am looking forward to all these pleasures! My long suffering hubby paints my toe nails as I can’t manage it and he doesn’t do a very good job! I can’t wait for the day when I can do my own.


    I can remember the day after my bypass 18 months ago and was sitting talking to Lesley and the other ladies on the ward and Elaine the receptionist and she was asking what we were most looking forward to when we lost our weight and mine was cutting and painting my own toe nails, 11stone lighter from that day and it is no problem now doing it, like Doodah shoe shopping was a nightmare, if fact I did it online saved the embrassment but I was only talking the other day about when I flew to Germany to see my son and his family pre-op and going through security and having to take off my shoes, had velcro fastening but couldn’t 1) get down and open them, so had to pull my feet out without opening them, 2) try and bend down and pick them up, near impossible, 3) try and drop them so I could then force my foot into them and try and use the other foot to do the velcro up, then the embrassment of having to ask for an extension on my seat belt, no problems these days in fact I am into my heels and long boots now, my how life has changed and I am loving every second of it, even more so now I have just passed my driving test at the age of nearly 60 and I have my freedom and independance, life for me has changed beyond all recognition.
    Elaine xx


    I am with you on this one. Seems to be the simple little things that give us joy and a reason to celebrate/be thankful for the new start.

    I remember the shoe thing. I never bought shoes. Mum bought shoes. They were either female size 9 or wide fitting chunky things from the mens footwear range. No offence, but I HATED those chunky things. Had to suck it up though. They were the only things that came close to fitting. With the female shoes, mum bought them for herself, trod them in for a few months then passes them on to me. I lived and died in a pair of dance trainers for 18 months. Chunky things with split soles. I bought them to ease the pressure on my feet and reduce the pain from plantar fasciitis while I was dancing. I ended up wearing them everywhere.

    Now I’m in a female size 7-8 and still shrinking. It was so nice being able to wear sandals this year. A taste of femininity … At last. 🙂


    I totally concur, its truly amazing, I remember a year ago going into clarks and and asking for my feet to be measured, they snickered and bit but when I explained I’d lost a lot of weight they were more than helpful, can you imagine my pleasure at finding my shoe size is gone down by half a size, I’m definitely feeling more feminie now, and to top that off, this weekend I saw a dress on a mannaquin in Asda and bought a size 12, off the rail and it fitted, boy did it fit. I think the best feeling in the world is getting that dress, pair of shoes or whatever that you’ve always wanted off the rail and no stares, sniggering shop assistants just us being confident and proud.

    Take care all




    It really is fantastic isn’t it, just to be able to buy off the peg clothes from a normal shop, and not having to hunt to find what the largest size they sell as I now fit a more normal size, I used to buy xxxxl shirts, now after only 6 months I am buying large and I don’t look like a sausage with an ill fitting skin, if you know what I mean, for the first time ever I can tuck my shirts in my trousers with not a hint of muffin top spilling out over the top, even my new 38 inch waist trousers I bought a month ago are now too loose. It’s costing a small fortune in new cloths now, still the charity shops are doing well with all my cast offs. I even had clothes in the back of my wardrobe that where for one day when I loose weight and even those have now been disposed of.

    Wish I had it done years ago, although knowing the history of WLS I am glad I didn’t as I probably wouldn’t have survived the type of surgery they where doing ten years ago so glad I didnt.

    I am now looking forward to reaching my goal weight and hope to be there by Chistmass this year, 8 months from surgery to goal, what a christmass present to myself that would be.

    Bye for now



    Guys I have to tell you, I’m sat here with tears in my eyes after reading all these posts. Simply amazing. I feel so lucky to be able to share this incredible journey with you all, knowing that you TOTALLY understand from where I’m coming. It’s humbling to realise that, even though I thought I was, I was never alone. Obesity is such a lonely condition (even when surrounded by friends and family) as you honestly believe there is no-one else in the world who truly understands.

    Thank goodness for this place. None of us need ever feel we are alone again.

    Doodah xxxx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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