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The Lap-band is NOT about Restriction – excellent article

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    Dear fellow bansters, I read this article which was posted on another site, it makes for really good reading and understanding.

    I hope you find it helpful :peep:

    Lap-band weight loss surgery is not about restriction


    Play on words if you ask me.



    Wish I’d read this when I had a band… So much rings true!!!! Cxx


    I know someone who has lost 11st with a band. I know many, many people who have continued success with their bands. Like John says, Play on words.


    Hi there, it may be the way I am reading it but the article is more commenting on frame of mind andhow you perceive the band. Do you not agree that for bansters and bypass patients also that the supressant of your appetite is the key? Obviously I agree that the restriction is a BIG factor and the combination of them both is what counts…..

    I am not trying to preach to anyone here, just felt that looking andunderstanding a it more about our minds and relationship with foods was quite good. I could relate to it.

    having said that I am new to all this but felt it was positive.


    I too have met thatpeson with the 11 stone weight loos and it was she who finally made me decide the band was right. She was my inspiration 🙂


    This is an American article and it may be of interest to know that they are not worls leaders in bariatric surgery, it is the Australians that lead the way in this speciality, my bariatric nurse follows the Australian model by a guy called Paul somebody, he works on the 20-20-20 rule and this is what she teaches her patients, works well for me.

    Nettie xx


    As with anything in life, I personally believe that anything worth having has to be worked hard for. If bariatric weight loss were easy, we might not learn anything from it. I am almost as grateful for the things I have leanrt about myself after wls as I am about the weight loss itself. I have had to work hard both to lose and maintain my weight so I have a sense of achievement that makes me feel positive about myself. Wls helps with real hunger but ‘head hunger’ is the real demon. Therefore, I think anyone who loses weight, by whatever means is a bloomin hero!

    There will always be negatives concerning wls until it becomes better understood. Quite possibly in 50 years time, people will wonder why the benefits of wls were ever doubted. I hope it becomes as acceptable as having your tonsils out – if something isn’t working: change it. If our appendix is making us ill, we have it out. Surgey is primarily a means of correcting something that is defective. In my own case, my constant hunger and need for food was killing me so wls changed that. It took away my hunger and allowed me to learn a new way to think about food.

    Right, I’m rambling now….! Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that whether it’s restriction, satiety or both if it works – keep doing it!


    Thanks Doodah, that so true….. 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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